I got an email this morning from the gal who works as my admin assistant. It appears that she won't be coming back to work.

Her medical condition and the job are not working out, the pressure of working with such a large community and the hustle and bustle don't agree with her.

I know that she needs to look after her health and I wish her nothing but the best. I am however very sad for me. I was enjoying having her in the office. Having some one to talk to, the help - and she was becoming such a huge help.

So, I am back at square one, working alone and unsure of where to go from here.

I will have to review my August riding schedule and probably have to cancel many of the events I had planned on attending. The paperwork this community generates is going to keep me here at my computer for a while until I can find someone else.

I am grateful to have had as much help as I did. At least I got a real vacation!

Ride Safe - BDB

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