I have been asking for input and help on the community web site in the forum under "Brainstorming and Ideas) No one appears to have any feedback....

So am I to assume that I am doing what my community wants and I don't need to fix anything or do I assume that I am heading in the wrong direction and no one knows how to tell me?

Both Ali and I want to keep improving things. We want to see the site and all of its sub sites be a valuable resource for the community, by the community. How in the heck do we accomplish that task?

I know we are all busy people BUT I can't read minds.

How do I get people to get involved? What am I missing? What I am I doing that could be improved? I know I am not alone in my quest for participation and feedback. I am a member of the Board of Directors for the Peace Country AIM-Can Chapter - getting people to attend meetings and have input and getting volunteers and assistance for our events can be sooo very tough.

I am not alone - I hear the exact same complaints from the other charities, the riding clubs, the event coordinators, here is a small sample of some of the things I hear:
  • "I gave out 80 tee shirts to volunteers and 13 actually did the job they signed up to do, the rest either never showed up again or they spent the weekend getting drunk."

  • "We put out a call for help with a fundraiser and got 3 people, we have 60 plus members!"

  • "I am so tired of hearing what a great job I do, I'd gladly share in the praise if I could just get some help."

  • "I am so tired of hearing complaints about the different aspects of our riding club rally - everyone says they want one, but no one gets involved with the planning. How can I give them what they want if all I ever hear is what they don't want?"

Yes - everyone is busy.
Yes - we all have different focus and priorities.
I know that volunteers burn out.
It is tough to balance community against family, work and some R & R time. I know, I live it every day.

The bottom line for everyone folks is USE IT OR LOOSE IT and that statement does not just apply to the newspaper "The Busted Knuckle" or ...NO, that goes for the little Leather Shop in your community, the rider owned coffee shop and the rides, poker runs, rallies and other events that are hosted. It also applies to our freedoms as citizens.

If WE don't get involved, if we don't care enough about the causes and needs in our respective communities to pitch in and help out then who will?

I truly feel that if we all work together, share our stories, our dreams and support each other we can make our community a strong, united family from Coast to Coast.

If you have ANY Feedback - we really would love to hear it. If you have stories, we want to publish them. If you know of a rider who needs help, a business that deserves supporting - we want to spread the word. If it's about motorcycles, the motorcycle community and its many disciplines - we want to promote it, so - Help us to help our communities - right across Canada...use the Members Only Menu to submit your stuff - It's fast and easy.....

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Have a great day....and PLEASE - stay safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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