Bee out in the Okanagan has been working her butt off on the BC section of the Rider Friendly Directory. Man is she ever getting good solid information in there!

I'd love to have a few more people who want to earn some money as sales reps - we want that phone book to be KICK ASS!

I am busy working on transferring over and updating all of our riding club links and contacting all of the clubs - one at a time! Now I'll tell yah - it's a lot of work because the new riding clubs section on our web site includes - if possible - the patches and logos of the clubs and a description.

This is going to be - without a doubt one of the best tools we have on the newly revamped web sites that launch October 1 - a way to find every riding club and chapter that is Canadian - in one spot!

I'm chained to this computer for the foreseeable future.....

Ride safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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