So, the news feeds were depressing as all get out yet again today. More riders dying needlessly, more families left torn apart.

We riders are also cagers. Are you cognizant when you drive your vehicle?

I think that every person who gets a drivers license should have to ride on the back of a motorcycle for 1,000 kms before they are let loose on the roadways.

I also think that every driver of a vehicle should have a refresher course of 1,000 kms on the back of a bike every 3-5 years.

Maybe if they saw the things we see they'd be more attentive.

I don't know what the answer is, but I am sorely tired of loosing my brothers and sisters of the family Wind to inattentive drivers.

Defensive and advanced rider training courses just might help save your life. Perhaps it's time to consider taking one....

I invite you all to join AIM-Can - the Association for Injured Motorcyclists.

Your thoughts or suggestions are always welcome!

PLEASE - Ride safe, be smart - even if I don't know you personally, we are connected and it breaks my heart when a rider goes down.

Belt Drive Betty

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