September is Toy Run Season & no matter which Toy Run you attend make sure the volunteers get a round of applause and thanks. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put on these events and what a wonderful cause!

Helping children to have a Christmas, to be kids, to dream and believe.....

One of the most rewarding things about being a member of the rider community is the impact for good we riders have on the towns and cities we live in. Toy Runs are only one small but extremely important aspect of the charity work that we as a community get involved in and behind.

The only thing I have been riding this week is the couch. I have the flu, which really sucks because I know it's not long before I have to put my motorcycle to bed for the w_ _ _ _ _.

To those who attended Medicine Hat and Hinton's Toy Runs here in Alberta and the Port Alberni Toy Run out in BC yesterday and to all of you who have attended Toy Runs in your provinces and regions - I salute you - because in my heart of hearts I believe there is no finer cause in the world than making a kids day brighter.

Here in Alberta there are two more Toy Runs today that we know of: Fort Saskatchewan and Calgary.... for the details.

Ride safe out there.....

Belt Drive Betty

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