Ali has been stripping everything off of the Busted Knuckle News page trying to find that one piece of code that Internet Explorer still doesn't like.

The community/members profile page is working really well in IE and I am happy about that - man what a process.

I have no idea why her eyes aren't square from looking at that computer screen...

Anyway, I have been working away at helping to configure our groups sections and working on cleaning up the members list.

Housekeeping is one job that never let's up - lol

I've been checking in on the Show n Shine - 4 bikes entered so far.

I'll bet there'll be more in the next few days - I heard tell of a few people cleaning their bikes so they can take pictures! I guess if nothing else the Show n shine will "Force" the odd person to do some detailing!

Anyway - I am off to bed 3:30 am comes early - if your up around then, drop an email and say hi.

Stay safe and warm

Belt Drive Betty

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