Yes, I know this is Christmas day and I probably shouldn't be working, but I had to draw your attention to a crazy friend of mine and his Winter Ride for Diabetes....

Here is what Mike is doing and why - taken from his web site....
My name is Mike ColeI am in the planning stages of Giving Diabetes a voice. I am forty six years of age. I became a "Type One" diabetic at the age of 8 going on 9. I have lived the ups and downs that come with being a diabetic. Living with diabetes for 38 years I have almost lost the fight a few times . I'm tired of fighting as so many others are . Together we can educate all those who we love and care of diabetes. Perhaps more structuring, resources and awareness could be available to diabetics and the public if we could possibly get more involvement of government funding. Many diabetics and public are not aware and don't know how bad and the side effects can be or what to expect. So I'm going to ride to each major city of each province which were named herein to raise the voice and ask for support for funding of the research and resource centers for educating diabetes. Each center I come into contact with during my ride I will be giving diabetes a voice.

On Jan 1st 2009 . Please note the date. This has never been done before.
I will start A cross county ride on my Harley Davidson 95 Softail, Commencing in St. Johns Newfoundland and will be completed in Victoria BC.
This isn't just for Canadians, It's for diabetics around the world. Its a huge risk but for me its worth taking . This ride will be over 7000 kms (4500 miles ) I'm looking at wind chills plummeting well below 60 celsius enduring ice, winds and snow covered roads. I hope complete the run within 3 weeks a lot will depend on the weather .I,ll be starting in St Johns NFLD onto Halifax , Charletown, Fredericton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto,Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Kamloops, Vancouver and last but not least Victoria .
" My goal is a world voice for Diabetes."Mike

Help prod Mike on and help give Diabetes a Voice...

Email Mike at:

It's a crazy venture, awful risky and is living with Diabetes.

Good on yah Mike....we'll be watching your progress.

Stay safe and Warm and have a WONDEROUS Christmas....

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Wow this guy is something else. God bless him and keep him safe on this trip......!
    How did you find out about him and more importanly what can the riding community across the country do to help him out?

  2. Mike is a friend of mine, and he's very serious about helping to create some awareness.
    You can support him by joining his Face Book Group and by following the ride, donating to the cause or whatever feels right to you!

    God speed Mike....

  3. God speed is right and I will help him anyway I can