The Edmonton show did not have the pizazz or great feeling that the Calgary show had.
With Northlands under so much construction parking was at a premium already and then we had to compete with the Rush Lacrosse game and the sulkies on Friday, the Oil Kings on Saturday for parking.

The Northlands outdoor staff were rude and I can not imagine being an event coordinator having to deal with those people. I do not know how Laurie, Pam, Wendy and Brittany do it. I'd blow up at someone for sure.

There were not the number of riding clubs or vendors at the Edmonton show that were in Calgary and that again is probably because of Northlands being under construction.

The verdict has not come in as to whether or not I will go again, we'll wait to see how the parking issues get resolved once the construction is over.

I want to thank Tim for giving me a place to crash, Anthony and Boomer from the Veterans Canada MC and Sandra "BoB" Tyacke and her hubby Doug Blackie - I appreciate them and their support.

Today is put the newspaper together day so I had best get at it, till tomorrow - stay safe and warm.

Belt Drive Betty

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