So, have you been checking out the events calendars? Lots of great events in there and still more to edit, add and update. Because our calendars are live 365...they are like a living breathing creature, always changing!

So far my riding season is shaping up to be a busy one. I plan to be at Cyclemania in Saskatoon in April - probably a car ride as opposed to getting to ride my bike, but one can hope right!

Then I will be at Slack Alice's, planning on attending the Cpl. Michael Starker Poker Run and Motorcycle Awareness Ride in Calgary, Ride for Dad, Ride for Hunger, St Victor Boogie, then out to Ontario then over to the Island and I do mean for the Pig 'n' Fin.

So, all in all, looking pretty promising! The weather here in Grande Prairie SUCKS ICE CUBES!

Yesterday I cleaned about 4 inched of snow off the car, another half inch spring ever going to arrive?

I invite you all to enter our newest contest.

Tell me in 100 - 500 words what it is about riding your motorcycle that moves your soul!

You could win a ticket on the 2009 Fatboy being drawn for at Slack Alice's!

The new blog on the Moose Jaw Times Herald Website is already attracting a good number of hits! Look for it in the Blogs Section.

I hope that where ever you live - if you can ride ....that you are riding like everyone around you is blind AND out to get you...

Stay safe and warm,

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Tell me in 100 - 500 words what it is about riding your motorcycle that moves your soul!

    You're kidding right ?...I can talk to you about her all day, over dinner, lunch, breakfast, happy hour, you name it....she's my ride and she never ever complains or utters any discomfort..the only credit card she uses is at the pump and then again, the charge is so modest, that I try to be extra nice to her, but she lover, just ride on...I'm here for you.. enjoy..! How can anybody on earth beat that. You tell me !