I have a busy couple of days ahead as I get ready to head to Cyclemania in Saskatoon.

I will be at Loving Hands Family Restaurant in Kerrobert on Friday pouring coffee from 10 am to 5pm and then working in a booth at Cyclemania on Saturday and Sunday.

I am looking forward to meeting some of my brothers and sisters of the wind and seeing old friends...

This week's newspaper is done and it is a thing of beauty - stories from across Canada...everything I ever hoped it to be - now if I can attract more advertisers to support provincial sections I will be truly feeling like I am accomplishing what I set out to.

I intend to get out on my bike over the next couple of days - I have to get my fix in since I will be in my car for the trip to Saskatchewan.

I hope more of you have entries for our Great Canadian Day Rides contest and the McCool's Street Bar & Grill Logo Contest and don't forget Slack Alice's contest....

Have a great day everyone and please - ride like everyone around you is blind...

Belt Drive Betty

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