The news feeds are filled yet again with the news of more deaths in the motorcycle community here in Canada.

I came across a Canadian Blog called Driving Education for the Masses

I hope you will take note of the statistics in the top right hand corner of their homepage - they are startling...

There have been 42 motorists killed so far this year but there have been 94 Riders killed.

People - WE need to do something about this trend.

The major factors involved in these crashes - not necessarily in order of importance:

1: Speed of rider
2: Inexperience
3: Inattention of motorist/rider
4: Road Conditions
5: Alcohol - both motorists and riders
6: Stunting/racing - both motorists and riders
7: Wildlife

I want to turn our collective focus as a community to becoming a PRO Safety Community.
I would love to see each rider and motorist become more attentive and focused, pro active!

Whether we drive our motor vehicles or are riding our motorcycles, we can all do a better job of focusing on the task at hand DRIVING/RIDING

How can WE as a community turn the tides of death and destruction?
We need to be PRO SAFETY. Remember energy flows to where attention goes.
Each and everyone of us needs to focus on conducting ourselves in a safe manner.

In my opinion we need to wear good gear, ride with awareness, ensure our motorcycles are well maintained, stay hydrated and get advanced rider training. We need to keep our collective minds on safety.

I believe that when our number is up it is up, our creator will take us when it is our time,
BUT I also believe that we bring to us challenges and problems we don't need because of our thinking.

We can become a safer community - we won't be able to get rid of all of the risks in our lives - wildlife is one risk we have little control over - but we can mitigate it - reduce the risk, by being aware: Scan - Interpret -Predict - Decide and Execute

We can't prevent the action of others but we can anticipate them - expect people to pull out in front of you and you can prepare your escape rout - you can slow down, you can slalom around them.

WE need to take the BIGGEST majority of the responsibility for our own safety. Why?
Your mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, wives, husbands, children - they will all miss you when you are gone - they will have to adapt to the new you and your new reality if you are injured...they will have to death with the grief of loosing you.

Your actions, your decisions affect them - the people you love - the people who love you.

Yes you are entitled to your choices to wear or not wear a DOT helmet, to wear or not wear top quality gear. You are entitled to think you do not need advanced rider training or driver training...but - what about the people who love you?

If you are riding today, please, take a walk around that Iron Steed, stay hydrates, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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