In the Okanagan in particular, police have noted that those riding "cafe style/Crotch Rockets" are overall the worst offenders for unsafe riding.

While I do believe that cafe racer/crotch rocket riders are a part of the problem when it comes to speeding and stunting, why does this article not address the fact that fatalities on motorcycles are up and the number of those accidents that are caused by motorists performing unsafe left hand turns, inattentive drivers etc...

The police in the Okanagan are planning a crack down on motorcycles - not drivers who are careless but riders.

In Ontario, the police are reported to be cracking down on riders with insignia's or any kind of patch on their back...

Politics - semantics....

In the USA, Freedom fighter Bruce Arnold takes on Harley-Davidson Motor Corp and asks why they do not have a fallen rider support fund instead of supporting MDA. He makes some very compelling points and is obviously frustrated that he is not getting any straight answers.

In Edmonton today at 10 AM, they are going to pull life support from a friend of mine, Kathleen Purser. She went down near Mayerthorpe last weekend and unfortunately the injury to her brain stm is such that they do not believe she will ever return to us in a meaningful way.
She may last a few moments, hours, days weeks or even months, no one knows but God.

Please say a prayer for her and her family today...

If I haven't told you through all of the nagging I do at you all...Each and every rider I meet becomes a part of my family.

I may not agree with you, I may get angry with you, I may scold and chastise you - you are my family.

I will always care about what happens to you.

I will never turn my back on you when you are in need - not if I know about it...that includes those who swear to be my enemy, because just like any family - our bond is far stronger than our grievances...

Family - it's who you are even if we have never met - as we share a very strong and common bond - the highway, the wind, the life.

Stay safe out there - you are IMPORTANT - never forget that!

Belt Drive Betty

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