I NEED your help - NOW, like I have never needed it before!

Why? In a very short period of time I am going to be able to apply for funding through the new Canada Periodical Fund - I need to do one thing between now and the time I can apply and only you riders can help me.

If you have ever read the Busted Knuckle Chronicles - our weekly community newspaper then you know its a grassroots paper about us, our community events no matter where in Canada those community events may be. The one thing I need to do is get our subscribership - those willing to pay for the newspaper's delivery to their in box up to 5,000 people.

Up until now only magazines qualified for such funding - this is the first time in six years of existence that our humble little community newspaper has been in a position to qualify for any kind of funding.

Please help us to obtain the funding we need to hire some staff, writers, reporters and be able to add another web person to help Ali and oh yah - be able to pay that amazing gal of ours better than the poverty wages she's been being fed!

Come on riders - $21.00 per year is all it costs to support us in our effort to get the funding we need to seriously improve and grow our tools. I have a six week window to get this job done folks. 

Can you help out our community? PLEASE. Refer a friend - buy a subscription/membership for a friend as a gift - with your help this little newspaper will be well on its way to helping all of us in a bigger, broader and better way!

In the news today:  

Bikers doing animal rescue work...Tough guys - tender hearts

There's a 115 year old motorcycle going up for aution

Buell's assests are going to auction

The Suzuki Gladious has won a major award

Adrian Blake from Ride is hosting Zero Motorcycles

and Motorcycle Mojo receives funding from the Canadian Government.

If you are riding today PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

If like me you are stuck working, in a place where riding feels like its a ways off....join our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine.

Belt Drive Betty

National VP A.I.M.Can

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