The era of Over the Counter Choppers (OCC) reigning on TV as American Chopper is FINALLY over. HOORAY!

February 11th we get to say good bye to the smug bunch from OCC who think yelling, screaming and generally acting like a$$es was great for the motorcycle community.

I for one will be so grateful to see their back ends. Reality TV has so very little to do with reality and it amazes me how many people seem to eat that crap up. Were they good for the motorcycle industry? Well - on one or two levels yes - perhaps. They did make riding more acceptable on some levels and yet I think they did more than their fair share of damage too - many people think that the way they conducted themselves was the way riders are  - way to create more misconceptions and garbage for our community to have to clean up.

I for one am so glad to see the back side of them and I think most in the real riding community are too. Real riders it appears from everything I am reading were not their customers or their fans - wanna be's - that was their fan base...

If you are riding today -  you lucky human being you - then please, ride your motorcycle like everyone is blind and can not see you.

Have a great day people,

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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  1. Hear! Hear!

    Can't believe they lasted past the first season.