What do all of the above have in common?
They will all involve lawyers at one point or another.

Can you afford a lawyer? Do you have a lawyer, do you KNOW a lawyer?
What will you do when you need a lawyer?

If you are like me, you can't afford a lawyer at an average of $200+ per hour.
I need my will to be revised, I have contracts I really should have some one look at, but I can't afford it, lawyers simply are out of reach for someone like me.
Then there's the whole identity theft thing - now there's something that's scary.

A year ago a friend of mine asked me what I thought about Pre Paid Legal Services - not knowing much, being busy, I looked in to it in a cursory fashion, I was unsure as to my thoughts on the subject and told her so. But then I started hearing about it this service more, seeing their people and ads...then I met Wayne Wald at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show.

At first, although I was interested in what he had to say, I was also very sceptical.

I am so sick of the multi level marketing businesses with the never ending food and health products, many of those products work - marginally or not at all.
I need to earn a pretty decent income in order to pay down the debt from the Canadian Championship of Custom Bike Building and the financial disaster the Olds Show in July of 2007 was. So far, I just manage to pay the interest on the credit card debt I am packing from that.  So I have been looking at alternate businesses that I could get in to that would allow me the opportunity to do just that - increase the quality of my life by becoming more financially secure.

I have explored Mila - which although I use the product myself, is not something I want to be "selling". I have explored Mona Vie and Amway. These are NOT the types of things I want to sell. I don't like several of Amway's products and they are in my opinion expensive. Mona Vie, well - I am unsure of it - totally unsure. Mila, it works for me but that doesn't mean it will work the same for everyone.  No this multi level, bug your friends, attend "bible" camp type work shops, they frighten me and they are expensive. Commissions have to be paid some how.

This legal thing though - this interests me predominantly because I am a small business owner. For $35 per month I can have a lawyer on retainer for every specialty I could possibly need. Is it a scam? HMMMM - I am still unsure. I have read several complaints on line, I have read some great testimonials too.  If any of you out there have had anything to do with Pre Paid Legal or any of the pre paid lawyer services I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Whether I get into something like this as a business owner and just use the services that come as part of the membership or I also get in to the business side of this service  - I feel it is something that I need and want to know more about. I am less sceptical than I was, but I am still not sold that it is the right fit for me on either of the two levels.

I'll let you know how the research goes....

The news feeds are really quiet so far this morning - perhaps by the time Ali starts work it will be busier....

If you are riding - please be safe.

If not, you can go peruse the bikes in our show 'n' shine - we have 25 people that we have contacted this morning who had trouble loading their pictures - they have been given 24 hours to get them to me or Ali to load for them.

On the third of February we open up the voting galleries and may the best bike in each category win. Including People's Choice we have prizes for 16 categories in to third place! The Rat class had no entries this year!

Good luck to all those who have entered...there are some sweet rides in there and looking at those motorcycles makes the PMS worse some days and better the others...

Have a fantastic day...

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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