I call him a murder suspect - to me that is what he is.

Although he has only been charged with negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death, to my way of thinking this 20 something is a murder suspect and the charge should have been vehicular murder.

Two people from Vancouver Island who were well loved have been taken from the people that loved them for no good reason. I have such a heavy heart for those who are now mourning.

I pray to the good lord that these people will find the support and love they need to get through this most devastating time.

They are going to need a lot of strength and support to get through the lengthy trial that is no doubt to come as well. The sad fact of the matter is that the - IMHO - PUNK, that took their lives is only being charged with dangerous driving causing death and negligence causing death.
He will probably do jail time - although probably not enough - his life will be lived - his family will be able to visit him...

Sometimes - to me , there truly are times when the death penalty should be applied.
To me, in my opinion, this is one of those times. This young man has a long criminal record if the news reports can be believed. Rehab in jail at over $50K a year to keep his sorry arse alive? Why - give me one good reason why this man should be kept alive at the tax payers expense?

I am sorry if my attitude comes across as vigilante - no actually I am not sorry - I feel like a vigilante.
The pain and suffering caused by this man....

In other news:

Axel Hallbauer and Mike Maiani will embark on an 18,000 km motorcycle ride for charity this spring, called Ride for Africa.

The Toronto Spring Show's Door Prize is a new Suzuki DR-Z125 motorcycle provided by Suzuki of Newmarket, to be drawn on stage, Sunday, April 11th

And some enthusiastic motocross fans got to meet their heroes.

If you are riding your motorcycle today - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - in the American news feeds this morning I had counted 9 fatalities and 12 more accidents - PLEASE people I do not want to loose people from my family this way...

If you aren't yet riding, please come check out our Beat the PMS Blues on line show 'n' shine and vote for the bikes of your choice - the owners will sure appreciate it and it is a great way to ward of the PMS for a little while. And for those not familiar with the term PMS as it pertains to motorcycles - PARKED MOTORCYCLE SYNDROME - just cause I am female don't go assuming anything else!!!

Have a fabulous Monday and say a prayer for Ripper and his family on Vancouver Island - please.

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