The Coroners report is finally in in the Orion Hutchison case.
While the report finds the Cpl Monty Robinson is partially responsible for his death, the report claims that Orion was over the limit and speeding. Now Robinson has plead not guilty to obstruction charges.

I do not get how it can take 18 months to get a coroners report. That to me, is just ridiculous.

Then there's the new law going into effect in New Brunswick soon - the Civil Forfeiture Act.
If people here have any doubt about the move towards Canada becoming a police state, think again people.
"The act will give the attorney general the power to apply to seize property that was acquired through or used in unlawful activity even if no one has been charged with a crime." They claim citizens rights won't get trampled on - yeah right, how many times have we heard that and then seen innocent people have to spend thousands of dollars and tons of their life trying to clear their names?

In Michigan, this year, like every year, motorcyclists are trying to get the helmet law repealed, however, according to the AAA the costs of repealing the law are astronomical.

The fight between AIM Vancouver and its National body AIM Can is now officially done.
The courts ruled that AIM Can can not defend itself in court but must hire a lawyer to fight the suit brought against them by the Association for Injured Motorcyclists Vancouver Chapter. The decision by the National Board of Governors on the subject was that the monies raised by the organization is meant to assist injured riders so sooner that spend money on a lawyer the decision was made to rename the organization and continue on doing the good work that it does. The fight started because of a dispute over who had the right to use the name AIM and even thought the national group is trademarked - the courts not allowing AIM Can to defend itself without legal council killed the fight. 

As National VP of AIM Can in charge of marketing I will say only this: IN MY HUMBLE OPINION - It is a sad day when the national organizing body gets sued by a chapter because they apparently/allegedly don't like the fact we are growing the organization. So in light of that fact we are just renaming ourselves and moving on. In my humble opinion  we need to put as much distance between ourselves and the Vancouver Chapter as possible. It appears that the person heading up the Vancouver chapter - again in my humble opinion, thinks that injured riders elsewhere don't deserve help. He apparently/allegedly resented the fact that we wanted to bring the Association and the Alliance under one name to eliminate any confusion from the community and make it easier to grow the organization.

Oh well - its just another sad day in the motorcycle community - a community where everyone wants to do their own thing and no one appears to know how to work together. I have an old adage I have lived by for a long time - United we stand, divided we fall - and just like so many once strong and powerful communities - if we don't start working together for the common good, I see a community that will become like that of the   North American Indian, fondly remembered for its once powerful place in the world, but sadly fractured, relatively ineffective and virtually powerless none the less.
But hey, what the heck do I know, I am just one person with strong opinions.

In the rest of the news today:

The Toronto International Super Show is going to be hosting a food drive for homeless vets.

BCCOM has a motorcycle parking initiative they want your help on.

A 58 year old prospect of the Hells Angels lands himself in jail with a 15 year sentence.

If you live where mother nature hasn't dumped on you and you can ride - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, is out to get you and use some respect with that right hand and oh yah - think about getting involved in some of the riders rights issues that are on the burner right now - if you don't get involved - who will and what will happen when we have no rights left?

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