Have you ever been a part of a motorcycle club or group?
Have you ever been a member of any kind of volunteer association?
Then you probably understand why volunteerism is at an all time low.

Politics and personal agendas seem to be a big reason why so many people leave groups and quit volunteering. No matter how much people believe in the cause that they originally sought to support, when the directors decide that they are all powerful or they somehow start viewing the organization as their personal sand box and forget the true reason why they are part of an organization - volunteerism tends to go for crap - at least that has been my personal experience.

I have stepped down from my position of VP in Charge of Marketing for the Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada for one reason and one reason alone: what I deem to be wrong minded politics.

There is currently a lawsuit going on between the founding chapter of A.I.M. and A.I.M. Can (A.I.M. Can is a federally registered and trade marked organization and is the governing body of A.I.M.). The court fight is over the use of the name A.I.M.

I will let those in the thick of this fight describe and explain away why they feel this fight is an honorable fight to take on should any of them decide to do so - I for one do not believe that there is anything honorable about such a court case amongst two organizations that are joined in the way that A.I.M. and A.I.M. Can have been.

I think it is sad and tragic that the purpose and reason for these two organizations  existence appears to have been forgotten:  Injured Riders and their and awareness.

To my way of thinking any organization that would spend money, time and resources to initiate a fight like this the way the founding chapter of A.I.M. did is wrong minded.

A.I.M. Can had responded to the court documents by asking to the courts to allow them to represent themselves in court (without benefit or cost of a lawyer) - the court denied the motion and charged A.I.M. Can $700 for their efforts at self defense.

The A.I.M. Can board had a meeting over the phone where in we had a vote on what to do and it was decided and voted on to fold A.I.M. Can - the consensus was we would re emerge with a new name - same mission - to assist injured riders and their families.

One of the members of the board of governors has decided to file an appeal to the courts and ask yet again for the courts to allow A.I.M. Can to represent itself in this court battle. As a member of the board I was never consulted as to what I thought about the idea of an appeal. I was never shown the paper work. I have no idea if there will be costs associated with an appeal of the court's decision - I hope not.

I believe in the cause of supporting injured riders and their families when the need arises, I always have, always will. My motto is "There but for the grace of God go I, the next rider needing help could be me." A court battle over a name is not worth pursuing at the cost of those injured riders or their families, at least not in my humble and very personal opinion.

So there you have it, the reason for my resignation.

One of my national sponsors - Intergy has provided me with a way for the Belt Drive Betty Foundation to assist riders in need. If you book your hotel/motel through them not only will you save 15%  on the room you book- but $5 from every room booked goes into a fund that I will be using to donate to injured riders and their families. ( I haven't yet figured out what that will look like or how we will vet applications etc but - it is a place to start - to do what I believe in - supporting my community. Hopefully we will raise some decent funds through this opportunity and be able to make a difference.

In the news today:

I hope that you will not forget about Adelle's Fabulous Book Contest. You have until tomorrow night to throw your name in for the signed trilogy book giveaway.

It appears that the truck driver may have been doing/shuffling paperwork in the cab of hs truck when he struck the 8 motorcycles two days ago killing 3 riders. Although not yet confirmed, that is the statement from one eye witness. Distracted driving kills again?
It's beginning to look that way.

Randy Young from Friends of Veterans could use some help.

Manitoba is moving to make it illegal to wear body armor and have armored vehicles.

A motorcycle accident in Newfoundland is under investigation.

BC's proposed new laws for motorcyclists is in the news again.

The idiot of the day award goes to the rider in Edmonton who not only was involved in a high speed chase but crashed his motorcycle into a parked police cruiser.

If you are riding today - PLEASE people - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and are out to get you - and use some respect with that right hand. PLEASE, for all our sakes ride proud not loud!

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