The passing of Duncan grandmother Sandra Hunter after a crash involving a left hand turning vehicle and the (proposed) changes coming to BC's helmet laws has me asking some questions - some tough questions - ones I have opinions on but no answers. (And no I do not know if Sandra was wearing a beanie or a DOT - it just got me thinking about rider safety issues is all)

In BC wearing a beanie has long been a cause for boasting amongst many in that motorcycle community.

The law that appears to be changing that could go in to effect soon. Read the letter and article from Adele over at BCCOM.

Insurance costs and health care costs (And rider fatalities) are two of the biggest reasons that the powers that be want to enforce stricter helmet laws now in BC. The more popular motorcycling - the more accidents.

So, the question is at what age are you old enough to choose the risk level that you are comfortable with?

Then the next question HAS to be - looking from the social and political stand point - who should pay if you sustain serious head trauma and you have exercised your "right" to wear a beanie or go helmet less? Hospital stays are expensive and taxpayers who don't ride probably don't want to pay for your hospital stay - at least that's the case in most US I would think it would be the same here in Canada.

Looking at this issue and trying to treat adults as adults - give them their right to choose and look at the non riding portion of the populations' concerns over health care costs - I say the solution that's the best, the most fair and equitable to everyone would be a case where if you want to ride without a helmet or only wearing a beanie then pay an extra premium and have a special sticker affixed to your license plate.

I also think that if you ride without a helmet or wearing only a beanie that part of the "cost" for exercising your "right" to not wear a helmet or to wear only a beanie should be having to sign your donor card.

Now I know that some out there are going to pound their chests and go rah rah rah but guess what folks, the reason I parenthesized the word Right - is remember the Charter? YOUR RIGHTS STOP WHERE THEY INFRINGE ON what that means to you is - if someone else, some other tax payer is paying for your hospital stay - you are infringing on their rights if you got there because you were not wearing a helmet (referring to head trauma here folks).

So - in attempting to look at both sides of the issue I think a fee for non helmet wearers and manditory signing of your donor card are the best way to go.

At least you won't infringe on the rights of others and who knows - the organ donor waiting list might become a lot shorter thereby benefiting many others. I am trying to find the silver lining in what I consider to be tragic loss. Perhaps some good could come out of the tragic - Just a little something for everyone to consider...and perhaps have some discussion over.

In other news:

Darlene Jackson underwent surgery yesterday and is reportedly doing well. There is no prognosis as to whether she will regain use of her legs or not yet but she was back in her room and squeezed her auntie's hand so...our prayers go out to you Darlene - stay strong and get well - we want you back on a bike and loving the wind...Darlene's family are hosting a fundraiser for the single mom to help out with the expenses she will face while waiting on insurance etc so if you can help out that's be fabulous. You can join the prayer ring on FB at Prayers and Wishes for Darlene Jackson:

Michael Bilodeau, 21 learns his fate soon - he was charged with making an unsafe turn in an accident that saw drunk rider - Allan DeVogelaere, 44 loose his life. According to accident investigators the fact that DeVogelaere's blood alcohol level was 1.5 times the legal limit - NO rider could have avoided the crash.

The Motorcycle Ride for Dad's Cross Canada Run should be the biggest of it's kind if not just in Canada, perhaps in the world...

Edmonton's city council is pushing for stronger/clearer laws on Noise Pollution

Have a fabulous day. Tell the people you love that you love them because you never know if today is the day you or they don't come home. Never take them for granted and please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, that they are out to get you and use come consideration when riding - that right hand doesn't need to be cranked - 99% of the time - save it for when it means something - a driver drifting you way.

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