In France, 40,000 riders came together on the road ways of Paris to protest their government's ideas on changing a law.

This is what happened:

The protest event took place in Paris France on March 13th/2010 and was a reaction to the French Transport Ministry's proposed law preventing lane splitting. The riders used the protest as an opportunity to show the consequence of each rider taking up as much room as a car and not lane splitting.

Transport Secretary Jean-Marc Belotti told the protesters that if they can't follow the rules of the road and respect the "No lane splitting" law then  "they can take the metro (subway) like everyone else."

Well hundreds of leather and helmet clad riders converged on the subway system (on foot), and clogged it up it as well.

This protest - this vast showing of numbers might just have worked too as Belotti has since met the FFMC and is said to now be re-considering the lane splitting decision.

The power of a united voice - maybe we Canadians could learn a lesson here?

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