Well, this most definitely was not the weekend that had been planned - not for me or many riders in the west. So many events were cancelled and postponed due to really bad weather. Not so in the east where record breaking temperatures have been the norm of late.

The Ride for Dad in Windsor saw record breaking numbers both of riders and they are pretty sure in the amount of cash that was raised too.

A ceremony to honour peace keepers in Truro NS was very welcome and saw 25 veterans arrive by motorcycle.

The Pictou County Cruisers Club held their first annual Show and Shine in the Thistle Bar parking lot in New Glasgow.

Yes - our brothers and sisters in the east enjoyed a sunshine, motorcycle filled weekend while we here in the west moaned, groaned and rolled over waiting for winter to finish with us.

I left Hinton hoping to head for St Albert since my plans for heading to Calgary had been completely squashed by snow. I left Hinton about noon on Saturday and got to the Medicine Lodge Rest Area about 60 KMs out and it began to snow. I got in to Edson and Ernie O's about 1:15pm where I thawed my poor frozen hands out over some French onion soup and hot coffee. (That soup was some tasty) Anyway - with no heated gear as mine is in being repaired, my hands were frozen, literally. Shirley from Ernie O's took me around the the motorcycle shops but again, no one had any heated gear - well let me correct that, they had gear just no wiring harnesses. So off to the hunting shop to buy some hot shots and body hot shots.

The hospitality and care the staff and Shirley afforded me was stellar, let me tell you!
I was off again at about 2:30pm, considerably warmer than when I arrived - I stopped in Entwistle for a coffee and to again thaw out - the service and coffee there sucked - hard.

By this time it was beginning to snow a bit more earnestly and by the time I got to the Husky at Acheson around 4 pm it was snowing fairly hard. The staff at the Husky were incredible. My rain gear was soaked right through, my gloves - well I am amazed there is any black dye in them - the amount that still stains my hands is stunning...anyway - everything got tossed into the dryer in the Truckers lounge, I had a hot bowl of cauliflower soup recommended to me by one of the guys from the Brotherhood (great recommendation by the way). Once my gear was dry, I dove in to the hot clothes, got back on my bike and headed in to St Albert in the snow which was much heavier now.

I got in and was welcomed by friends - finally where I could thaw out and actually stay that way.

As we watched the snow fall and begin to accumulate, the gratitude I felt to the good lord for keeping me safe on the road and for the good people like Alanna & Kent in Hinton, Shirley and the gent who served me in Edson (I feel like a heel that I can't remember his name) all of the staff that was on duty at the Husky House in Acheson and my friends Kat and Glen in St was and is huge. Thank you God for giving me such wonderful experiences on a less than stellar day.

In other News:
A rider in Ontario was killed in a fiery crash allegedly caused by a 21 year old impaired driver.

The Awareness Conga for F.I.R.R.E. is beginning to heat up and really take shape. Not only will my husband and I be joined by Cookie Chick from the OCC, and Shaun de Jager from Road Awareness dot org and in Ottawa we are celebrating with the Bikers Church but we will be hooking up with the 10th Anniversary Ride for Dad Cross Country Run in Kenora but now we will also be hooking up with the Mother Daughter Ride in Thunder Bay. In Moncton NB we are celebrating with the Bernice McNaughton High School Bike Klub and Kevin Bean're!

Between The Westmont Hospitality Group and Pacrim Hospitality
My husband and I are being taken really good care of for all of our room needs - as will any riders who decide to join us. There will be discounts offered and $5 from every room booked in a Pacrim owned hotel/motel will go to F.I.R.R.E. The Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education!

Awareness is what this ride is all about and we are starting to really create some!
Together we can change the perception about who we riders are.

Cancer, Progeria, Sharing the Road, God & Salvation, The Trades & Further Education - no matter the cause, it is people behind it and like the Poem/Video You Didn't See Me - I want people to hear our messages both individual and joint...

I am a volunteer, my causes are injured riders and MS, and you need to share the road with me when I am on my motorcycle...

I am a fitness instructor, my causes are progeria and fitness, and you need to share the road with me when I am on my motorcycle....

I am a pastor, my cause is salvation and love and you need to share the road with me when I am on my motorcycle...

I am a grandma and my cause is a safe world for my grand children...we all have a message -

Let's give the non motorcycle community a good look at the various "Faces" that make up the motorcycle community!

I am so please to be a part of the Mother Daughter Ride as a sponsor and in a small way as a rider - it is one more way we are connecting as riders to change the perception about who we are!

Speaking of F.I.R.R.E. we are hosting some on line auctions on our newly created Face Book page in an effort to support some riders and their families  - hope you will join us, hope you will either donate, bid in the auction or donate to it.  We are also wanting to start chapters right across Canada - so if you want to support your fellow rider, if you want a little extra "insurance" to protect yourself and your loved ones, join us at membership is only $20 for a single or $30 for a couple.

Well folks - sorry to have rambled on so long but that's what happens when I take a day off.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding - please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and are out to get you and please ride proud not loud.

Belt Drive Betty
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