Trevor Coulombe, 38, of Edmonton — a married father of two, chief spokesman for the Children and Youth Services ministry is dead following a motorcycle accident on Green Mountain Road near Penticton, B.C at 6pm Wednesday night.

Apparently his riding partner saw him go off the road in his mirror - it appears that he mis judged/mis navigated the curve.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his colleagues and all of the children the man championed.

Now on to a really contentious issue for the Ontario ABATE in West Grey...

For the past 8 years of a 22 year old event called the Final Frontier, a 50 acre parcel of land owned by the ABATE group has been the rally's home.
Now it appears that because of some rule changes and some misinformation not only is the ABATE Group not being permitted to hold the event but it appears that they feel extremely unwanted now.

According to an article in the Post,: Council says the issue is the group not following proper zoning rules - the property is not a campground, and it shouldn't be used as one.

Apparently the zoning application for change and the appropriate fees were late, some of the neighbors had complained that they felt the trailers on the property were being slept in... so this year, the local businesses who rely on the income generated by the event are out of luck, so are all of the charities the event serves and a bunch of riders whose hearts are now heavy and feel very unwanted by the municipality where they own property.
So far the ABATE has spent over $11,000 on rezoning and bureaucracy that could have gone to charity (Grey Bruce Eat and Learn program)

It is sad, bureaucratic and disgusting based on everything I have read - but hey, that's just my 2 cents worth...

As always, you feedback and input is deeply appreciated - feel free to comment or add your knowledge to the information I have!

In other news:
In PEI riders say that getting a motorcycle license is too easy and in Saskatchewan too many are riding on learners permits.

In BC, two people were hospitalized after a collision in Chilliwack.

In the US Harley-Davidson has posted a profit but analysts warn that the writing is on the wall - this is as good as it gets for a while.

And also in the US Premium Exploration is searching for a new CEO after their CEO Wilf Struck was killed in a collision on his motorcycle with a drunk driver near Calgary.

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