I have become so sick to death of these bogus and disgusting violations of our rights and freedoms called Motorcycle Noise Bylaws that I want to start a movement....
I want to see every rider install an air horn on their motorcycle.

Then I want to get some bumper stickers made and some internet TV commercials and radio commercials....You have probably all seen the bright neon yellow Tee shirts of the B.A.D.D. group - Bikers Against Dumb Drivers - they loudly state "Can you see me now a$$hole???"

How about a motto - bumper sticker....
"Thought the pipes on my motorcycle were loud? This AIR HORN is Brought to you by DUMB DRIVERS everywhere. Now hang up and DRIVE!"
We could make it in a square shape for the back fender of your motorcycle - I am sure you boys and girls can come up with some GREAT ideas for slogans etc...

I truly, truly wonder - what would it sound like if EVERY time a rider had their right of way violated, if they were to get on their air horn at 140 decibels, what would that sound like? Can you imagine?

I was on Biker Lowdown Radio Show with LJ James & Chuck last night and if we think we are in tough - OMG our brothers and sisters south of the border are in tough.
People - how would you like to be capped at 80 decibels? How would you like regular motorcycle SAFETY Inspections/Road blocks?

People - it is time - it is LONG since time that we get behind Lianne Langlois of the Edmonton Motorcycle Club and we sign petitions and we get off of our collective a$$es and do SOMETHING. It is time to join F.I.R.R.E. and start working together for thoughtful solutions to what we are facing.

I am so frustrated after talking to LJ and Chuck. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING PEOPLE and just because the bylaw is in Edmonton - don't think for two seconds that it isn't coming your way! Along with Saskatoon, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Windsor and how many others - add Kamloops - they announced yesterday that their city wants to curb noisy "Harley's" too. This is after all an election year for many municipalities - this is not about anything else than people being re elected or elected...

Folks...really, seriously - We need to educate ourselves, we need to start working together - we need to police our own and we need to make our voice heard NOW!

We here in Canada need to take a page out of what is happening in the US and we need to learn from that NOW so we can protect our freedoms, our rights because as we are seeing in the US and even here now, the police services have greater and greater freedoms to pull you over, to be an inconvenience and intrude on your life.

You may have nothing to hide, have a perfectly maintained bike with factory pipes...that doesn't mean you are not going to be inconvenienced - sadly folks, we are - just as they are in the US, moving towards being a police state - a baby sitting state where we are not allowed to think for ourselves - we are being regulated to death and treated like we do not know what's best for ourselves...folks - PLEASE, take some time, read what's going on, educate yourselves and then make a decision to WORK together as a community to take a stand to protect our rights and freedoms.

Our soldiers are fighting for rights and freedoms around the world while we here are refusing to see what is right in front of us...we are not protecting, cherishing and valuing our rights and freedoms they way they deserve to be. Remember - they are laying down their lives to protect our freedoms...

We are not defending and protecting them the way they deserve to be - we think someone else will do that - our lives are too busy...but one day you are going to go outside and get in to your "safe" car that drives itself - and you are going to long for the freedom of the open road - and you will be wistful as you remember what that was like - think I am wrong? Think I am being a fear monger? Think I am right off my rocker? Start reading, talking to others around north America and you will see that there is a lot to be concerned over.

As always, your thoughts and input are welcome - join us in the discussion on this and other topics in our forum on or on our Face Book Pages - Belt Drive Betty and Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles...or leave a comment here!

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In the news today: 
In Ontario a male motorcyclist suffered non-life-threatening injuries after his bike collided with a loose tire on Oxford Road 4.

Also in Ontario a 23-year-old man is dead after losing control of his motorcycle early Monday morning. And a 48-year-old Baden man has been transferred to a Hamilton hospital with serious injuries after crashing his motorcycle into a vehicle Tuesday afternoon.

In BC a motorcyclist is in hospital with serious injuries after a crash during yesterday morning's commute in downtown Victoria.

In New Brunswick a riding club called the Road Dawgs are heroes in one little boys eyes.

If you are one of the fortunate and you are riding today, PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind, cannot see you and is out to get you and please, Ride Proud not Loud - save those pipes for when they are truly needed - when someone is about to violate your lane.

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    blah blah blah....loud pipes save lives, and we do a toy run once a year.... still waiting for a good argument about the right to split someone elses eardrums...

  2. Since you feel the need to hide yourself - I feel the need to tell you that perhaps you should read what is written before you make rude comments. I for one am tired of laws the discriminate - I think the rude offending people of the world should be shut down - cold but I think that should be for all of them not just a few.

    I for one have decided to stay with stock pipes and an air horn.