Dr. Chow - a Team Doctor for the Ottawa Senators was seriously injured in a motorcycle collision Saturday as he was on his way to the hospital to perform surgery. Apparently he hit the passenger side of a vehicle that cut him off and he is now in coma - in critical condition.

There have been so many serious incidents this past week that my head is reeling. The cause - they are sooo varied too. There does not appear to be any one thing that is happening more than cause these incidents.

There was a passenger that came off the back of a bike in Whitby ON when the police tried to stop it's driver - apparently the acceleration caused the passenger to fall off and the bike took off - the police watched helplessly as the passenger was run over by several vehicles - none of which stopped.

In South Edmonton a man who turned on to a road - realized he had gone the wrong way onto a one way and was trying to get back on the right path was killed when he struck the median and lost control of his bike.

In Saskatchewan a rider is in hospital after a collision where in his north bound motorcycle struck a north bound pick up...In Morden Manitoba a rider did everything possible to avoid a crash - "When police arrived, they saw a motorcycle lying on its side then learned the 52 year old driver of the motorcycle was travelling east on Stephen Street when a vehicle on 10th St. pulled out on to Stephen Street in front of the motorcycle.
The driver of the motorcycle reacted by laying the bike down and sliding into the side of the vehicle"

My heart aches for everyone involve in these horrid situations and my prayers go out to their loved ones.

Folks - I am more determined than ever that F.I.R.R.E. become embraced by the riding community as a national organization to support each other. If today's blog and the articles that are in the news are not enough to convince you that we need to work together, to support each other - than what will? Your near death experience?  I hope not - I hope you will join us as we work to create education and awareness as to the many faces of the people who make up the motorcycling community and work to support each other....I, along with all of the executive of F.I.R.R.E. want to see chapters and members in EVERY province!

There is a ton of other news today:
The National Cross Country Ride for Dad wound up at CFB Esquimalt

In Calgary the Ride for Athsma - The Ride for Richard was another success

The Children's Wish Foundation got a bonus in Newfoundland

A teen racer was killed in the US in a freak accident

For the rest of the news visit:

Like every day - I welcome your feed back and I hope and pray that if you are riding today you will
Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead!

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