The news is filled with a number of things I think we need to be looking at seriously. Safety, Safety - Laws and Safety...

First on the agenda is an article about Lift Axles on semi trucks. A lift axle is exactly what it means - and it saves trucking companies money on fuel and wear and tear because when it is not needed to support a load it can be lifted off the ground and saving tires etc. However, after a few accidents with motorcycles RCMP Cpl. Barry Red Iron, the RCMP's forensic collision re-constructionist for southern Alberta discovered that some of these trailers are making the stopping distances of these units double the norm.

The test results are scary and the Alberta government has had the information in their hand since May and done nothing about it - but this is not just an Alberta safety issue - it is a Canadian safety issue. The manufacturers of these trailers and axle systems need to address these safety concerns because one accident is one too many.

The next issue is - I think that Governor Arnold - the Terminator needs to be terminated. He is living his movies and their futuristic crap now in his office as governor....
After signing the noise law in California for Motorcycles he decided to sign a bill allowing manufacturers to put video cameras in the windshields of vehicles. Now - trucking and courier companies think this is great as do insurance companies cause these cameras will be able to tell if YOU are the reason for an accident. The police like it cause they can tell how you were driving before an infraction took place. Yes there is now virtually no place in the world that you are going to be able to go were big brother won't be able to tell what you have done - we have officially become a baby sitting state. Think about this you who text and drive - your behaviours will be caught on film and you will NOT get away with killing someone because of your addiction to texting...hmmm maybe this is not such a bad thing after all....

I was wondering how many other baby boomer's remember having to take a road test and having to have a license plate on your bicycle? I am not sure when they got away from that practise but I remember as a kid in Yorkton SK that we had to have a license and we had to take a test to ensure we knew the rules of the road.
Well, whenever it was - some one named Don Cayo has finally started asking the question - Is it Time to start requiring bicycle licenses and insurance?

I have been saying that for a long time - I resent - hugely that those who ride bicycles think that they can ride anywhere they want and mow people down.

Our street here in Grande Prairie now has a bicycle path on the road but 90% of the jerks who ride bicycles still use the side walk and they do not care who they push out of the way be you 90 and using a walker or 30 pushing a baby carriage.

I watch these people and marvel at how there are not more serious accidents involving bicycles - they NEVER signal - I don't think most of them know how. They seldom stop for lights, they climb the side walk if they are on the road and use the cross walk - and these people do not seem to realize that they are supposed to walk their bike across the intersection if using a crosswalk.

Yes - in my humble opinion - it is long since past time when we should be requiring a license, plates and insurance on these conveyances - if they are going to use the road ways and we are going to make special places for them to ride then they need to be sharing the costs of road infrastructure the same as every vehicle driver. They MUST learn to obey the law and not think they are above it and they must carry insurance so that if they mow some one down and injure them that the injured have some repercussions - also drunk driving laws should apply to these riders as well - here in Grande Prairie there is a core group of alcoholics and street people who ride bicycles and their dangerous behaviors have come close to causing accidents that vehicle drivers should not be having to try and dodge.

Well folks - that's my grousing and grumbling done for the day. As always I welcome your feed back and comments - it is ONLY through honest dialogue that we will ever learn empathy.

In the News Today:
In Ontario - Bike nights are continuing at the Big M
                   Don Norris weighs in on the proposed Caledon Motorcycle Noise Bylaw
                   An 82 year old Keswick man has been charged with careless driving in the death of a lady rider.
                   The Niagara Chapter of Ride for Dad is very pleased with the success of their first ride.

In Alberta - an alleged speeding rider crashed in southern AB and is in hospital after surgery.

In Saskatchewan - a woman has been charged for failing to make a safe left hand turn in a crash that sent a     32 year old rider to hospital in Regina.

I BC - A 29 year old Kitimat rider has surprised many in the recent Enduro races.

I hope and pray that if you are riding today you will Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead! AND CHECK YOUR TIRES AGE - AND YOUR TIRE PRESSURES DAILY!!!!

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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I would hope you don't choose to lump all cyclists into the same category of "90% of those jerks who ride bicycles". Although there are cyclsts who do not obey the laws, there are certainly many who do.

    I trust you would also hope I don't lump all motorcyclists into the same category of "all those jerks pulling wheelies at 90kph in the residential areas"? I certainly do not, as I know many motorcyclists who practice safe and responsible riding.

    Like anything, it is the person who makes the choice to ride or drive without due care and attention, regardless of the vehicle they have chosen.

  2. I think sometimes that people who find it necessary to hide themselves from the public and feel the need to criticize should re read articles to see if there is another meaning that could be taken.

    We have a whole sector of the motoring public who are in many, many cases untrained in the rules of the road. Where I live I would be exceedingly hard pressed to find more than a hand full of bicycle riders who obey the rules of the road.

    I said 90% of the jerks that ride bicycles - Now are you a jerk? And if so are you one of the 90% who don't care where you ride?

    You can read my comments any way you choose to and you can put any slant on what I said that you want - but if you take a pool of 100 people and there are 90 law abiding and decent people and 10 jerks in the bunch and one of the jerks is a jerk because he doesn't stop at lights but rides up on the side walk to use the crosswalk while riding and the other 9 don't use the bike paths that are provided - but use your side walk instead - would that not make the 9 - 90% of the jerks?