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Caledon Ontario just passed their new MOTORCYCLE Noise Bylaw.  They are allowing a year for "EDUCATION" of motorcyclists before they begin ticketing but during that year they are sending a recommendation to the province of Ontario that they adopt the SAE J2825 testing format. 

Luc Fournier, a member of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council (MMIC), is the man who has been going across the country to jurisdictions that are facing issues and he presents the information on behalf of the MMIC as a representative for the Society for Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) J2825.

The MIC in the USA and the MMIC in Canada developed - with the Society of Automotive Engineers this testing to standardize the issue surrounding the subjective issue motorcycle noise.

J2825 is a “professional standardized test” Fournier said, adding it consists of roadside equipment to test the motorcycles.

A standardized approach is necessary because “it’s hard to prove in court what excessive noise is” Fournier explained, adding there is currently only a “highly subjective approach”.
The city of Edmonton has now passed a bylaw dealing with motorcycle noise, but Fournier explained that “it was not an overnight process.” Before they put the bylaw in place, they allowed people with motorcycles to come and get their machines tested. 

They expected around 100 people according to Fournier and instead got 1,100.
Some places have not passed such a bylaw, but are using the J2825 approach within their already set bylaws for noise, and “it is working,” Fournier said. From the Caledon News

And I understand the motorcycle manufacturers and their desire to create some standards.  The motorcycle community does have some people in it that tend to be inconsiderate and heavy handed on their throttles...and from the manufacturers perspective , the more people who embrace motorcycling, the better off and the healthier their industry. 

The challenge/fight from the rider is not about the actual desire to take away the subjective nature of the issue motorcycle noise - that is a great thing and I think most will agree with the PRINCIPAL. 

It does take away the ability to arbitrarily decide a motorcycle is too loud by a peace or police officer. That is not a bad thing at all. 

The bad thing is that communities are only targeting motorcycles and that makes it look like we are the only noisy  & bad citizens.  It holds our community to a higher standard than other motorists and makes us more accountable than others who use the roadways,  that is unfair and violates Chapter 15 of the Charter of Rights according to Liane Langlois.

Equality Rights

EQUALITY BEFORE AND UNDER LAW AND EQUAL PROTECTION AND BENEFIT OF LAW / Affirmative action programs. 15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.(2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

If there ever was a time to exercise your democratic rights - now would be it.
If we educate ourselves as to the stances made by the various politicians we have a chance, a window of opportunity to change to governments and put in place people who are willing to be fair and measured in their responses.

A bylaw like this truly needs to be all encompassing.

Barring that,  instead of being against something how about we who ride being FOR something? How about we start petitioning and pushing the local governments for some of the things WE as a motorcyclists within the community want? 

We could start a petition for pot hole free roads. 
And one for frost heave free roads.
Another to have the noise from car stereos capped.
We could put another forth dealing with cars whose exhaust systems are "cancer-ed" out.
Then we could put forth another petition asking for diesel pick ups to have their exhaust noise limits capped.  We could ask that Jacobs Brake violation tickets be issued more frequently.

You get the idea - instead of being against something lets put our energies behind getting what we need and want.

Give us more ideas folks...I am sure you have more than one or two in your laundry list of complaints...don't you?

Today as every day I ask you to wade in on the topic...

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