It would appear that since the recession the building that they bought is now worth less so they are trying to convince GE Capital to reduce their mortgage. Really - seriously, that's the train of thought.

From Clutch & Chrome: The lender financed Orange County Choppers' new headquarters in the Town of Newburgh with two mortgages, one for $11 million and another for $1.5 million. Supposedly the complaint and reason for the hard negotiations by OCC and its attorneys; the building was worth $12-$13 million then and now it’s only worth about $7-$8 million.

I wonder at this train of thought. I wonder if your banker would reduce your mortgage and dip into their profits to pay for the difference between worth and paid price? 
Not ruddy likely is my thought.

What makes these people think that they are more special than anyone else? It is no secret that I am not exactly a fan - I especially dislike Paul Sr., and this kind of thinking and attitude would be why. I think that this is another of their publicity stunts - which yes, I have fed in to by virtue of writing about them. If they do nothing else right, the Teutul's sure know how to create controversy.

In Ft Lauderdale Florida, Larry Wilcon - former TV star of ther series CHiPs was given a three year probation sentence after getting caught trying to bribe an FBI officer in a sting.

According to the article in the Orlando Sentential:
A choked-up Wilcox told Cohn that his crime had been an act of desperation, an attempt to keep his company afloat so his friends and investors didn't lose the money they had entrusted to him. He drained $12 million of his own funds to keep UC Hub Group — a mining business — alive, he said.

"My actor's pride and ego led me to areas well beyond my ability to perform," Wilcox said.

Although ego may have played a part in his decision making, the judge truly believed that Wilcox was remorseful.

What a stark contrast between the two situations.

Sturgis North is the next topic of discussion as I have a few misconceptions about the event that I would like to clear up for people. This is in response to Poet's comments yesterday. Further - Please note I sponsor all 4 events - The Great Canadian Bike rally and The Stomp, Sturgis North and the CMDRA. I am in no way promoting one over the other but attempting to answer the questions that have been asked of me.

Number one - Sturgis North and the Summer Stomp are two separate events but the two groups are working cooperatively - Sturgis North is providing shuttles to and from the Stomp venue to the various music and entertainment venues hosted by Sturgis North. Safety of the guests being number one priority! BC has a .05 liquor law that will see you walking as they confiscate your vehicle/motorcycle for 7 days - you get a fine, have to pay storage and if you are a BC resident look out for your insurance hike and the fact that you will have to take a mandatory drink driving course - in all it will cost you somewhere around $5K or more...

Summer Stomp is $50 for the weekend and includes camping from what I understand - they do not allow cars etc in past the gate and if you look on the bottom left hand side of their web site you will see their statement of cooperation with Sturgis North.

The next mis conception is that this is not a motorcycle event - referring to Sturgis North.

Many of the people on the Sturgis North Committee are riders or have riders in their life. The CEO of the organization is a rider. They are marketing predominantly to the riding community and to the locals of the Salmon Arm region. There are poker runs scheduled,  a custom bike show, trade show and of course entrainment - tons of it.

Sturgis North is donating camping to Veterans, has the Fraser Valley Thunder handling the charitable end of the event and is working cooperatively with the CMDRA Drags in Ashcroft and The Stomp. How can you say this isn't a motorcycle event?

Like any event held in any town, you have to market to the locals and like any community based event you have to make it some how - to some degree - family friendly. There is a day care type service being offered and kids 12 and under are free to get into the venue. I know countless riders who have their kids with them at events - the Stomp will make everyone looking for an adults only party happy but the Sturgis North event is family friendly.  

That does not mean it isn't a motorcycle event. It means it is about as motorcycle community related as you can get. We bikers value and cherish family - so why is this being singled out as a cause for dissension by some?

For those who feel Sturgis North is an expensive event, let me put a different perspective on this issue.

If you look at the line up of bands and you decided you wanted to take in EVERY band on the list and purchase the 5 day pass AFTER the early bird prices fall of on the 5th of February you will be paying about $350 per person - this includes the 12% HST. If you take in 2 bands a day you will see 10 great concerts. If you took in those same concerts in say Edmonton - your average ticket price per person would be $50 lets say - already you would have spent $500 
If you take in EVERY Band that is being offered up your cost per concert WILL go down. 

If you look at the parking costs per event you could safely add another $5 - 10 per event or $50 - $100 for 10 events depending on where you park.

Now camping at Sturgis North is $114 for 5 days and again includes the 12% HST so the camping fee is comparable to the parking fee.

Now that's the 5 day pass - the three day passes are less expensive and I am positive the one day passes will be even less so.  Then there are the side events and entertainments that will go on like the burn out competition, the custom bike show....etc, etc.

Just thought I would give you a different way of looking at things....

If none of the three events mentioned - the Stomp, Sturgis North or the CMDRA Drags appeal, then there is the Great Canadian Bike Rally in Merritt the same weekend - another great motorcycle rally in it's first year and only 190 Kms away from Salmon Arm. 
You have 4 events to choose from or because of the 5 day span you might want to take in all of them - there are plenty of options - it's about which one fits with you the best - your time, your budget etc.  Just because something may not be your cup of tea why would you denigrate something that others might truly enjoy and want to be a part of? 
These are 4 great events - each has their own unique flavour - their own unique appeal.

As always - even when I disagree with you - I welcome your comments and feedback. 
I always learn something from the differing points of view.

There is a ton of news from the weekend for you to get caught up on and this is your last reminder that tonight at midnight we cut off the entries for the Beat the PMS Blues on line show 'n' shine. Voting will begin on February 3rd.

We are giving away a ton of prizes and it's free to enter. 
The only hitch? You have to be a registered member on 

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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