Well folks - we are under siege over loud pipes, we are often harassed by police services who fear we may all be members of 1% "gangs" and now we are going to be harassed by the city of Kingston who thinks we are not good for the environment.

Their initial concerns were over a boating event but after discussions the motion was made to hold all events using city facilities to an environmental standard: The poker run, a weekend long event in which large power boats travel from Kingston to Prescott and back, came under fire two years ago from Kingstonians concerned about the pollution resulting from the event. It was estimated that the 74 boats participating in the 2010 event emitted between 100 and 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide. A report commissioned by the city also indicated that attendance had declined from 14,400 spectators in 2009 to about 9,000 in 2010.

Councillor Brian Reitzel asked that staff and the environment committee carefully weigh their recommendations before returning to council, some time late in 2011.
He noted that important charity events like the Ride For Dad, which involves more than 650 motorcycles on a single day, could also be considered unsustainable. Kingston Whig Standard

I wonder about  politicians and their desire to make a mark or reputation for themselves. I wonder is common sense is ever used in these kinds of decisions - I guess only time will tell.

If  you read the news you will see more US states like Florida are wanting motorcycle noise to be targeted...folks - we as a community need to get our act together - we need to start working on protecting our community from unfair and unwarranted attacks - at least that is my humble opinion...what is your opinion, I would deeply love to hear it.

We are collecting donations to be sent in to the Red Cross to help our fellow riding community in Australia - those poor people...if you can spare $5 - please consider donating - these people are devastated.

We don't just help those abroad that need help - we riders help so many causes right here at home - one cause I am asking you to support is the CMTA Injured Riders Fund -  it is meant to provide repayable NO interest loans to those who suffer a crash and need a bit of help until insurance kicks in....buying patches, donating, buying a CMTA Injured Riders Calendar....there are many ways to get involved and remember, one day it could be you needing that wee bit of a helping hand!  You will be able to buy the CMTA Charity Calendar from Death Wobble on Saturday at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show!

There is a whack of news over on Come on over and get caught up with what is happening here in Canada and around the world!

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I am going to sign of on a final note....We have a HUGE announcement for all of our members coming tomorrow morning! I can't wait to share with you all this incredibly exciting news....

I hope you all have a warm and safe day...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. These politicians definitely aren't winning over any rider votes!