France has a new minister of transportation and this man, Claude Gueant has blundered hugely.

He held a meeting on motorcycle safety without inviting the motorcycle association - FFMC.

The new minister is proposing new fines, more radar and more motorcycle check stops and the FFMC is vowing that although this minister does not want to talk to them, he WILL hear them as French bikers are set to start more protest rides. If you recall the FFMC has held some of the best attended motorcycle protests in the world tying up traffic on the freeways for miles.

As more news becomes available on what the FFMC is planning we will keep you informed.

In California, lane splitting has again made the news. California is the only state that allows lane splitiing or the sharing of lanes and many, many California drivers get angry - not realizing it is LEGAL. The danger to the rider comes in the form of distracted drivers and angry drivers.

If you have ever ridden or driven in California - you will understand the huge congestion on the freeways - cagers are more and more distracted and they present the biggest danger to the rider. If you decide to split lanes - take extra care and remember - cagers are so frustrated being caught in grid lock that they resent the rider creeping by them - be respectful and mindful of those emotions and you will get through the traffic just fine...

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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