I was recently inspired by two women, both for VERY different reasons.
Joey Carrothers Csapo is the coordinator for the Newcastle Pub's Poker Run for Little Warriors in Edmonton. Joey is an amazing woman. Strong, vibrant and passionate. 
She is a safety coordinator, rides and happens to be married to an old friend of mine.

Joey is looking for silent auction items for the Little Warriors Poker Run Fund Raiser, last year she and her team raised an astounding amount of money for this very worthy cause and that got me could I get involved? She needs assistance this year and I myself was a Little Warrior, a survivor of Sexual Abuse.

Then there is Cricket - Leslie Lee - Cricket was a founder of the Katelynn Stinnett Memorial Ride, a national child abuse prevention and awareness movement in the USA, she was also a member of the Borrowed Angels Charity Riders. Cricket, who had been honored by the Kentucky Legislature for her good works was recently murdered. Although I never had the privilege of meeting her - I knew of her.  Again, I found myself wondering - how could I get involved? Again, I was physically abused as a child....the connections were growing stronger and stronger.

I came up with an idea - a Biker Kidz Calendar. Calendars are a great way to put a face to the community, to a cause and so I decided that we will host a contest to find 13 Kidz - Biker Kidz to grace a 2012 Calendar. 

We want to feature Kidz who are dressed in "Biker Gear"

Babies, pre school, up to 12 years old.

This is going to be a much faster contest than the Men and Ladies of Riding Calendar Contests- the reason being the riders need the summer to get great shots to go in the calendar - Grand Parents, Mom's, Dad's and aunties and uncles generally have a brag book at the ready.

The Entry information:

As you will see we will start off with one week to submit photos, then begin voting for January. We will begin accepting submissions for February at the same time voting is going on.

I really want to produce this calendar in time that the proceeds could go to Little Warriors via Joey & her Fundraiser and also to benefit the Katelynn Stinnett Memorial Ride - that ride is slated for June - but I think we can get enough Pre Orders to make a donation in time for the ride and maybe another after the ride.

I want to do this to honor my friend Joey and to pay tribute to a woman whose courage and dedication I admired from afar - Cricket...

Biker Kidz are the future of OUR Community - I think they would be wonderful representatives of the love, compassion and dedication the riding community has to it's families and I feel that this calendar has the opportunity to create awareness of what happy, healthy, whole kids look like....So - what say you? You up for the idea?

I hope you are - we begin accepting submissions tomorrow!
Like all of our contests you have to be a registered member to enter - please help me out by providing accurate information on how to contact you because we WILL need Waivers signed!

There is a WHACK of news today and I encourage you to go on over to where we sift through the news so you don't have to!

Have a Fabulous Tuesday everyone and remember -Voting for MR & MS January ends tomorrow and we begin accepting submissions for February on Thursday!

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  1. Betty ~

    Thank you for your wonderful tribute and good works in the name of our Friend and Sister Crickett Lanham-Lee. She was and is our hero, our mentor, our inspiration. We of the Borrowed Angels Charity Riders will honor her memory by carrying on her legacy of service to others, and we invite all to do the same. Thank you again.

    Borrowed Angels Charity Riders FL