As I sit here this morning drinking my favorite cup of coffee from the coffee afficianados over at the Biker Coffee Company - the Belt Drive Betty® Blend of course....I read with a heavy, heavy heart another story that has me wondering yet again about the true state of our country.

When you read the following information/editorial, I want you to carefully and thoughtfully consider the remarks in the papers I quote. I want you to consider the possibility that the main stream media do mis quote people, and I want you to consider the possibility that this time - in three different articles, that they got it right with no mis quote.

In the news this morning is another article about the flagrant disregard the police services and crown councils appear to have in this country have for the charter.

The headline reads: Biker, 76, must prove he's competent to keep rare weapons at home

I have come to understand that the police and crown will do or say pretty much anything to prove their "point" or "get their man" and what disgusts me is that no matter how transparently their lies and twisted thinking comes through on paper - they will defend their stupidity and arrogance to the "nth" degree. If I come across like a vigilante - so be it - I have been accused of far worse, but folks - this stuff is getting scary, that is my personal opinion. I realize it may not be yours, but I ask you to look at the original article that was in the news closely - click here.

Johnny Sombrero is a 76 year old man who recently had a triple bypass - he is the president of the Black Diamond Riders and only founding member that is still with us - he has NO CRIMINAL RECORD. A while back the police raided his home, getting him to open the door by lying to him, reportedly slamming him to the floor, a civilian member of the police then pounced on his chest breaking some ribs and the police detained him in his home that way for about 5 hours at gun point and confiscated his gun collection.

His crime? A suspected armed robbery? NOPE
A violent domestic assault call? NOPE
A suspected drug house? NOPE

Being a gun collector. and more importantly, being a BIKER gun collector.

When the police couldn't allegedly find any true violations, they confiscated his guns saying they were improperly stored. In today's article - the "infractions" were described and folks - anyone can clearly see what the police and crown are doing and how ridiculous they appear. Everyone that is, but them. Am I reading more into this than meets the eye? I feel I am reading the case well - with common sense and by exploring many different information sources. You may view it differently.

Begin Quote: A gun expert for the defence has testified that Sombrero met or exceeded the requirements of safe storage laws. But the Crown maintains the lockers do not meet the criteria of Canada's gun laws, which state such weapons must be locked in a vault, safe, or secure room.

The size of Sombrero's locks, thickness of the lockers and security of the bedroom have been questioned by the Crown, who has also pointed out window washers could access the locked room on the 10th floor. End Quote

Later in the article the police show their disgusting attitude: Begin Quote: Meanwhile, police officer Allen Weekes was called upon by the Crown to testify in the secondary issue of whether or not Sombrero is mentally sound enough to be in possession of firearms.

The officer stopped Sombrero for running a stop sign in Apr., 2010, and claims that while the accused was "quite cooperative," he made some "strange" comments as he talked about BDR.

Weekes testified that Sombrero referred to himself as the "supreme commander" of the club, which Sombrero has already explained was an inside joke of sorts within BDR.

"You can't lead a motorcycle club and keep it together for 69 years if you're crazy," one longtime BDR member said outside court. End Quote

So let's look at the crown and police services arguments...
I want you to tell me if I have misunderstood any of the information presented.

1) He lives on the 10th floor and window washer might break in to steal his guns. Yah - right - I would like to know how many crimes are perpetrated by window washers - seriously - I do believe those in that profession have to have a background check done on them if for nothing else - the window washing company's insurance would require a back ground check be done. This is the information from the Government of Canada Job Bank I found - it's from BC - - I can't imagine any other province being different.

2) His steel cases and locks and in some cases double locks are not sufficient security for his guns that are in a locked room in his 10th floor apartment - even though a guns expert says he met and exceeded the gun safe storage law.

3) He's incompetent to keep his weapons because the cops view his comment about being the supreme commander of his riding club as a sign he's loosing it...OK then.

4) No where does either side dispute the fact that this man is a gun collector.

5) Here is an article from the Government of Canada as to what the police services want -out of Bill C80 -

6) Consider this quote from the National Post article:
Those of us who have called for an end to the long-gun registry have often focussed on its cost -at least $2-billion -and its uselessness in stopping crime. But the greatest damage done by Bill C-68 has been the wedge it has driven between police and law-abiding Canadians who own guns for hunting, sport shooting or vermin control on farms.

Consider the case of Henry Barnes.
To say the least, Mr. Barnes is a colourful character. The 76-year-old also goes by the name of Johnny Sombrero. He is a former motorcycle-gang member. Indeed, he is a founder and former leader of Toronto's Black Diamond Riders. The North York resident also owns more than 100 guns, or at least he did until January of 2010, when Toronto police burst into his apartment and seized them all, despite the fact all of them were properly registered and locked in gun safes. The link to the whole article;

Can you smell what I smell?  Am I imagining this - am I misreading what is presented?
I don't think so.

He is a gun owner hence to be considered suspect and add to that that he is a biker...well - can you say PROFILING? Can you say abuse of authority? I can and do - again this is my interpretation of what I read - have you read all of the associated articles I have linked here? Am I presenting a fear monger's perspective or a fair minded one? What say you?

What is your opinion?

I know of another case that smells just as bad. Monty Robinson and his flagrant lies and disregard for human life. Remember him - he's the RCMP officer who was driving a Jeep, hit and killed rider Orion Hutchinson, never offered any assistance to the dying rider - but instead fled to his home because the scene was too gruesome to have his children witness and while at home consumed some booze. He returned to the scene after consuming the booze. Apparently his breathalyser test showed he was impaired. Apparently other police officers wanted to charge him with impaired but because of his inside knowledge, it is my humble opinion that he purposely lied to cover his own ass. But he may get off with obstruction instead of what he truly deserve - what you and I would get for a crime such as this - I mean seriously, who would believe us? 

This Mountie was also involved in other "alleged" mis truths with regards to the taser death of Robert Dziekanski - and we the tax paying citizens of this country get to pay the price right - I mean he is still getting paid leave.

Have any doubts about this officer or the other three involved at the airport taser incident - use the search function on the front page of my web site - search Monty's name - when you compile it all and read it later - it is tragic what has been done here.

Something is fundamentally broken in our Justice System - those who enforce the law are constantly exhibiting the behaviour that leads one to believe that they think THEY are above the law.

Again - don't take my opinion as any kind of gospel - an educated society is far more important than me thinking I am right - I want questions and challenges.

As I am sitting here writing this - I can hear the Avondale Elementary School singing OH Canada as they do every morning - and it is broadcast via loud speaker outside so those who are in PE class can participate in singing our Canadian National Anthem - I smile and then I cry - as I listen to the sweet strains of our beautiful national anthem sung by school children - I have begun to realize that my job has begun to change course - my life has taken on a role - one of speaking out to untie people in protecting our charter rights as citizens and riders.

Look at BC and what the RCMP are doing to bikers - road side noise checks are subjective and rely on the opinion of the officer. Routinely people are pulled over just because they ride - all in the name of a safety blitz against us.

Then look at Edmonton - according to an article in the Metro News - Edmonton KNEW about the Noise Snare BEFORE the bought in to the J2825 test offered by the MMIC.

They KNEW there was a more fair minded technology out there and yet they chose to opt
for the motorcycle only route. Or am I reading between the lines too much?

Belt Drive Betty

The police services and decision makers of the city of Edmonton KNEW about the Noise Snare that offers a way and means to target NOISE - PERIOD - for all road users...

I agree with charging noise offenders as long as it is done fairly to ALL who use the road or violate noise bylaws and curfews on noise - this treatment of riders by the city of Edmonton - if what I read is true is very bad...and I say...Lovely move people.

I am appalled and dismayed by the consistent and persistent abuses of authority by far too many members of the RCMP and other polices services - I am saddened by the lack of teeth of a law system that would not charge an officer with failing to provide assistance at an accident scene.

I am sickened with an RCMP force that employs a man who can kick a mentally challenged man in the face with no provocation or cause and somehow feel it is OK to do so or justisfied - I am disgusted at the fact case after case has appeared in the news and yet we are renewing these people's contracts? 

Cereal? Come on folks - is there not enough evidence of abuse for people across this country to be spurred into action to protect our RIGHTS - if there is not enough evidence for you on a daily basis that the police services have among them - those who are out of control - check out the videos that I have found on You Tube - I have compiled them on BDB TV here:

Read this Blog:

I am urging every citizen of the riding community to send me in written documentation on their stops this summer, include as much detail as possible and please if you can get photos, video and or voice recordings - then send it to me so we can keep it in a safe repository to chronicle the abuses of authority that we all know are going on.
If others can get film and post it - so can we. FOIP laws must be used!

We, the people of this country have a responsibility if not to ourselves but to every veteran and every soldier whose life was lost defending our rights and freedoms - if we allow them to be eroded in this fashion - if we allow this to continue - then their lives will all have been in vain.

Now here is this year's safety campaign by the AB Transportation department - it completely as Michelle Shields points out - disregards eduction about left hand turning crashes.

It is time people - I truly believe it is time to get united regardless of brand, regardless of club affiliation or lack there of - if you ride and you are harassed or subjected to any kind of profiling or abuse of authority then lets unite and send a strong and clear message to those who are in Serve and Protect field of employment - crown councils and officers - law and decision makers -  that WE PAY THEM, that this is OUR COUNTRY and we the people are tired of being abused, of having our rights taken away.

Documentation and statistics will prove what we say - they are the only things that will.

There is lots of other interesting things in the news today - like Harley-Davidson being sued by Marlon Brando's Estate!

To read it all visit

Have a great Hump day everyone - I leave for Penticton tomorrow - yes that's right, Slack Alice's is the destination! I need a good 2,500K under my belt - I think it is going to take that long for my soul to be rejuvenated!

Please, ride safely, ride like everyone is blind and CAN NOT SEE YOU.

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