We get word today that two riders are still in hospital after a crash - another left hand turning crash - in Cumberland on Vancouver Island and another ride in Calgary is down after speeding and crashing.
Folks - we need to keep our wits about us out there...

And yet more news to dismay - a CTV news anchor is charged with impaired after a crash in Regina where he hit a biker who was stopped.

There are other news stories you might want to check out at

Our web site was down yesterday after our web host attempted to fix our loading speed issue - it is up again but still slow - I apologize for the headache this causes but our host is working on resolving the issue.

I am on my way to Penticton and Slack Alice's Show n Shine - hope to see a ton of you out there!

Leaving Hinton shortly, staying in Kelowna with friends tonight...

Have a great long weekend every one and PLEASE ride safely.
Ride Like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and please USE respect with that right hand and remember - if you get stopped to document everything you can, photos, videos etc and send them to me through our web site.

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