I am the editor of the Canadian Motorcycle Community Newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles  and have sure learned a lot since 2003 when I started.

In all of the time I have been learning how to be a reporter I have learned that being a reporter is NOT what I want to be. I want to be a person who leads people to the truth of each situation - wherever possible.

I have had many experiences dealing with the RCMP and the main stream media and I have to say - NOT MANY OF THEM HAVE BEEN GOOD.

When I started hosting motorcycle shows here in Grande Prairie, I had to go see the RCMP to get approvals for my security and evacuation plans, and I needed their approvals to have a liquor license even though a local hotel was running the beer gardens. So like a good citizen, I brought my plans to the meeting. Did the RCMP staff sergeant that I dealt with look at my plans? NOPE. The ONLY thing he cared about was whether or not the Hells Angels would be there.

I have been labelled as a supporter of the 1%'ers and all because I simply stated "It's a motorcycle event, they may show up - but they have not been given a specific invite"  The Staff Sergeant then asked my if I was willing to tell them they were not welcome to wear their patches at the event. My response was "I am a tourism operator, not the fashion police - it's not the clothes you wear but your conduct that makes you a "criminal" - well that statement which I made over the three years that I hosted internationally acclaimed shows earned me the reputation by the RCMP as a supporter - and I guess in a way I am.

I am a supporter of the Charter of Freedoms and Rights but in the eyes of the RCMP that has made me a bad person.  Why should an event coordinator be forced to tell their patrons to take off their vests/patches - why should an event coordinator have to violate the Charter by using the Petty Trespass Act? But the RCMP will put whatever spin they want on ANY topic in an effort to make themselves look reasonable.

In 2007, the last year I hosted a bike show which was moved to Olds AB, I had an officer threaten to arrest me because I had asked him to come back after 9pm - I was attempting to clear the venue in order to have our custom bikes placed for the competition the next morning. This officer was ready to throw me in his car and charge me for not allowing him free access to ogle the motorcycles. That's right - he simply wanted free access to see the bikes and was willing to abuse his authority to do so.

That same weekend I had as many as 12 patrol cars - 4 at each entrance to the venue making Joe Q citizen with 2.5 kids take one look and leave - I lost my ass for taking a stand to defend our communities charter rights - the right to peaceful assembly, and the right to freedom of association.
And I paid the RCMP a pretty fee to do that - it's called an enhanced policing fee.

Be warned - those of you who are working to protect our rights as they pertain to us not being profiled - if you are not thoughtful, if you appear in any way to be confrontational - you too will be labelled.

The RCMP are as well trained in how to spin something as any lawyer who walks and they will use bullying tactics, they will use the terminology - "If you have done nothing wrong, if you are following the law then what's the problem?"  The main stream media is the ally of the RCMP and the politician - not yours. There are very few in the main stream news that will identify the truth and actually print it or give it air time.

If you think I exaggerate - watch this video and then ask Mike Horner of the CMC what he thinks of this supposed news clip:

If you are pulled over for a spot check - please gather all of the evidence you can. If you can get video, photos - please do. Make sure you write down the time, weather, the cause/reason for the stop, the officers name and badge number and his conduct. 

Many officers are polite and courteous - others are not. If you are riding with a modified exhaust - in contravention of the Federal Law - you will get a ticket - we need to reiterate to all in the RCMP, the main stream media and the law makers that we have no issues with the noise bylaw except that it is ONLY targeting motorcyclists and not all offenders.

Know your rights - that is your best defence. Join a group like BCCOM (BC) - CMMG (MB) and the OCC (ON) or CAPM (QC) depending on your province - joining hands to work for the protection of our charter rights and freedoms is the ONLY way to turn the flow.

I have some more research to do on this topic of knowing your rights - I will be loading some PDF documents that I have found on protests and your rights as a motorist during a stop as soon as I can - but in the meantime - call or email your local rights group and or a good lawyer to ask those questions - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE

As I always I welcome your feedback.

Until later...

Please, ride safely, ride like everyone is blind and CAN NOT SEE YOU.

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