I read with interest the article in the news feeds today regarding the Hells Angels in Nanaimo. 
It appears that the RCMP and their expert Darryl Plecas think that if they have more resources they could wipe out all of the gangs except maybe the Hells Angels. Really?

From the Nanaimo Daily

"They have not gone under the radar," said Nanaimo RCMP Const. Gary O'Brien. "Hells Angels have a strong presence and will maintain one in Nanaimo for many years."

Ongoing police pressure could eventually cripple most gangs in B.C., said a criminologist, but although the capacity of police to respond to gangs has greatly enhanced in recent years, they need more resources to truly rip apart organized crime.

"I would expect all of them to fall apart except for the Hells Angels," said Darryl Plecas, an RCMP University Research Chair in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the Fraser Valley." End quote.

The man behind the plea for more resources is none other than Darryl Plecas, an RCMP University Research Chair in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Just Google his name and you will come up with page after page of this man's research, comments and opinions.  What makes this academic so dangerous in my humble opinion?

He is, from everything I have been able to glean, either on the RCMP's payroll and or is a major influencer on how they do their job and this man's approach to organized crime appears to put the Charter of Freedoms and Rights on a very slippery slope. He is the brain child behind the lower mainland's approach to grow ops.  Depending on which report you read of his grow ops are on the rise or falling.

In November of 2010, there was an article written called: Plecas’ ‘To Hell With The Law’ Strategy A Costly Embarrassment

The article explains Plecas theory: "The brainchild of UFV criminologist Darryl Plecas, the strategy, first used in Surrey, was designed to get around the annoying requirements of the criminal code which require police to prove to a judge that they have reasonable grounds to enter and search a property.

Instead, Plecas told Fraser Valley municipalities they should circumvent the criminal code and just send in electrical inspectors, ostensibly checking out higher than normal electrical usage, with police in tow so that when the inevitable grow-op was discovered the perps could be arrested." End Quote.

Some people in this region of BC have been faced with inspection fees of $5,200 and their homes were labelled as grow ops even when they were not. This article from the Alberni Times explains more:

In this article: -  a councillor had a search warrant executed to remove the computer in his home - the police were looking for confidential city documents that might be leaked to home owners attempting to put together a class action lawsuit over what they feel to be a violation of their rights.

In July there was an article called: IBM helps out with public safety in British Columbia  which in effect explains how the "Biker Task Forces" utilize the intelligence that they garner from being at events like Sturgis North, Toy Runs etc en mass - when they take photos of everyone in attendance and photo of motorcycles and their plates. 

And I quote: "PRIME-BC will also use the technology to help reduce illegal operations among gangs, and other drug distribution activities, by gaining additional insight on potential relationships among criminals. The software will be used to illuminate interconnectedness among records, by finding common identifying factors."

Here is a recent interview with Dr. Plecas:  He discusses the software and it's use. He states at the beginning of the interview that Kamloops RCMP were able to reduce crime by 65% but at 3 minutes in, he states that they - Kamloops -  had these systems in place BEFORE gangs could take hold in which is it? They reduced crime or they prevented it?

Here is a YouTube video on Dr Plecas attempting to get Bill C-15 Passed:  In this particular video, the senator - Larry Campbell has some trouble with Darryl Plecas stats and his rationale.

And one from the same senate hearing where in Senator Milne asks Plecas hard, hard questions and Plecas attempts to sell his ideology behind the bill he wants to see implemented: 

After all of the reading and research I have done on this man I have come to some conclusions - opinions...if you will. This man has not learned any lessons from history. The prohibition era did not see the consumption of alcohol be reduced but made it into an underground economy.  Simply making laws does not work, simply giving the police more money and more sweeping powers does not work. 

What those things do is erode our rights and freedoms.

What will work is fixing our justice system - the province of BC in particular has an extreme shortage of judges to hear cases. Until the justice system is overhauled all we are going to have is the RCMP arresting people and the system letting them go.

I found it very interesting that this RCMP expert says that all of the other gangs could be squashed with more resources - except for the Hells Angels.  That is in direct conflict with statements from another paid RCMP expert Yves Lavigne. In his book Hells Angels at War - Lavigne expresses that the RCMP MANAGE the biker situation as it is good for budgets and careers. 

OR IS IT?  Maybe that was what the expert meant - is that all other gangs could be crushed but the police would just manage the HA...

Read this from the web site FAIR - Protecting Whistle Blowers who Protect the Public Interest: 

Bob Stenhouse

Bob Stenhouse, a much-decorated, 18-year veteran of the force with extensive undercover experience, landed in hot water in 1999 when he disclosed RCMP media strategies for outlaw biker gangs to Yves Lavigne which appear in the book Hells Angels at War. Frustrated with a lack of enforcement initiatives, Stenhouse believed the national strategy was merely a public relations exercise. Stenhouse was found guilty of discreditable conduct and ordered to resign. A court ruled his disciplinary hearing was unfair and ordered a new one which ruled he should be reinstated. In June of 2004 he was reinstated and then immediately suspended with pay while the RCMP awaits a new court-ordered disciplinary hearing.

Here is what happened to Bob Stenhouse:

Who is telling the truth?  What is really going on?  

We the small peons on the outer fringe of knowledge will never know until it is too late.
Until our freedoms are eroded away, until the police are more powerful that our legislators - sadly, we may already be there.

What are your thoughts on the state of affairs in Canada as it relates to the mentality of the RCMP?

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