There is an article from the Record, where in the writer expresses why they feel that helmets need to be for all - no exemptions. I want to know how you feel about helmets.

Quote: This is a complex subject because most Ontarians like to respect and accommodate an individual’s religious faith. The Sikhs, moreover, have made their request in an entirely reasonable way. However, the Sikhs’ request conflicts with the traffic act’s worthwhile goal of protecting motorcycle riders who are using the public roads and highways. Setting the religious argument aside, surely few people would deny that a helmet offers solid protection to a motorcycle rider and can prevent injury or save a life in a collision. The law is needed — and justified — for this reason.

Yet despite this need and justification, two provinces, British Columbia and Manitoba, have set aside the safety issue and granted exemptions to Sikhs, allowing them to drive motorcycles without wearing helmets. Should Ontario do the same? No." End Quote

The writer goes on to say that the Charter right of Religion is different from safety laws and that the Charter affords them the right to practice their religion, just not to ride without a helmet. Quote: Ontario’s helmet law does not in any way prevent devout Sikhs from practising their religion. It would seem to prevent them from riding a motorcycle. But while causing annoyance or disappointment, this hardly violates the Charter of Rights guarantee that everyone in Canada can follow their own faith." End Quote

This person who wrote in brings up some very valuable points and it is my hope that they gave their point of view to their MP and their MLA.

For me, this issue has always been one where in an adult should have some choice BUT, they should also be prepared to pay for that choice - special insurance with a sticker for their plate saying they have paid for the privilege to ride with no helmet. My reasoning is that under the Charter, YOUR rights stop where they INFRINGE on mine.

So just because you want to ride helmet less doesn't mean that universal health care should be paying for your care if you are involved in a head injury crash - driving up my taxes, you should have your own insurance for that purpose. And I also feel that there should be a sticker placed on your plate so the police services are not wasting man power pulling people over who have paid to ride with no helmet. It would be simple and easy - but it might be expensive...

I think that as adults we should be allowed to choose which risk level is right for each individual and their families.

If you can not afford the insurance and have to rely on the universal system, then wear a helmet - sorry.

I guess part of me is just fed up with rules and laws that restrict and constrict the right to choose, the right to enjoy...we are adults and if we are old enough to decide who represents us in Ottawa - a pretty big choice - then we should be allowed to have some say in how we want to live our lives. I think the recent practise by governments in attempting to make criminals of as many people possible through ever more encroaching laws and regulations is sad, I think we deserve better...

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Well, I'd best get back to work...I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic...join us in the forums on or on our Facebook pages...I'd love to hear from you.

PLEASE...ride like everyone around you is out to get you and have a fabulous day!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. I am glad I live in a state that allows riders the choice. I choose to wear a helmet and I encourage others to do so, but the fewer regulations the better.

  2. I too live in a state that allows me to decide whether to wear my helmet or not. 98% of the time do, but every once in a while I choose not to wear my helmet. Is it more dangerous? absolutely yes, but I'm okay with the risk. Just like motorcycling versus driving a cage. Is it more dangerous. Yes.

    I feel that is a decision that everyone has the right to make. It is not governments roll to protect people from any dangers.


  3. I agree Jared but here in Canada we do have universal medical and that - here at least - is what gives the Gov't the authority to say you wear helmets or you don't ride. If we had the option to pay for special medical insurance in order to ride without a helmet I wonder how many would.

  4. I wear a helmet but also feel it's an individual's choice - and an individual's responsibility to suffer the consequences. I could support the idea of extra insurance and a sticker as suggested.
    As for the Sikh helmet issue, it's obviously complex. But again, they should be prepared to deal with the consequnces themselves. However in this case I expect the numbers would be so low as to have a negligible impact on the medical system as a whole, I mean how many helmetless Sikhs are involved in brain injury motorcycles accidents every year in this country? 1? 2?

  5. Anonymous1:38 PM

    i think it should be one law for everyone this is Canada and not an Indian country, i am tired of our law makers changing our laws to suit immigrant wants, they should adapt, not us

  6. Wolfen9:06 AM

    I agree it is the riders choice and respondsibility to ride without a helmet but it is also the riders respondsibility to pay for medical attention and life support cost associated with that choice.