New Smyrna Beach Florida, Biketoberfest...a BUST according to the news this morning.
Pub 44, which has been around as a fixture in the biker community for over 30 years had one rider on the first night. Last year was a bad year, this year it's horrible and the recession is being blamed.

In fact things have been so bad, the Pub 44 is closing it's doors after the rally and a restaurant will be taking it's place.

So, I have a question for you all...numbers are down at a lot of the major rallies south of the border, do you think it is just the economy or could a few other factors weigh in here?

I am thinking AGE...let's face it, the Harley set is getting older, and the younger ones coming up don't have the cash...

I wonder how many are tired of the same things that happen at these rallies?
I have heard a lot of negative comments on how hard booze is pushed at some of these events, that is one thing I personally do not appreciate.

I wonder if riders are looking for something different and just not finding it at these have the same core group of vendors, the same celebrity faces...

Yes, the economy is playing it's role but I am wondering how many rally coordinators just aren't taking into account that they need to step things up with the quality of their gig - because if it is the economy, well riders will still ride but they will be very choosey as to where they go. Instead of 5-10 rallies they might choose their three favourite, which by the way is usually considered a favourite - if you event coordinators care to know - because of the time spent with their friends and the time on their machines that made the trip/weekend/event a success for them.

It seems to me that the costs at some of these rallies for the concerts etc is just becoming to pricey for many and that they are finding more enjoyment and fun at the smaller more home grown, grass roots types of events. Poker Runs and the like seem to be becoming more popular than some of these huge rallies that appear to have lost their unique flavours because of their success.

They are tired of hotel and motel room rates going through the roof, they are tired of being pick pocketed and gouged at every turn. And let's face it, look who goes to these events, how many young faces you see there?  I think age, boredom, resentment at being fleeced and the economy are all taking their toll on these events, that's my 2 bits worth.

What are your thoughts/take on this topic...I am pretty sure the conversation will be great! Join us on Facebook!

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I am on a plane in less than 2 hours, heading to the Classy Chassis Cycle Auction in Lakefield.

Hoping to see a few of you Ontarian's out there!

Have a safe weekend,
Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I can't speak to the "big" rally attendance, never liked them. Standing in line and traffic snarls iritate me:) I do think you are right on all counts, many of us "getting older" types are bored with doing the same old same old. Prices don't seem to go down, its niece to have venders but socalizing is what rallys are realy about. Most are getting very tame, nobody wants to be sued, so not as much interesting stuff happening. Last summer a coulpe of things slowed down my wife and I. One was bad weather early in the summer, never realy engoyed it - less now.
    Another thing all the hype in BC about cracking down on speeding and such. My 2 cents - Rich