14,000 miles, 48 states and two provinces and a pot of gold at the end of the road...
The results are in from the 2011 challenge and the 2012 challenge is set for August of next year but will only be 7,000 miles with 12 days to complete the 7,000 mile journey.

The Hoka Hey Challenge tracks you by GPS so that you can't speed or take shortcuts from the route, and if you are one of the finalists who cross the line in time you have to take a polygraph test.

This is a long distance rider's many of you would consider doing a challenge like this?
If the prize was $50K, or $100K dollars or how about $500,000 dollars?

It is $1,000 to enter the competition and hundreds of riders have signed up and completed the challenge over two years so, how many Canucks are willing to get involved for that kind of entry fee and that kind of prize money?

I would love to know....

Today is Thursday which means many of you will have gotten your weekly provincial newsletter and National newspaper...The Busted Knuckle Chronicles.

I hope you remember that the 31st of October is your last chance to buy calendars - I am not over ordering so if you don't order now you won't be getting order your calendars:

The Ladies Calendar
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Kidz Calendar

I hope you have entered the Bolt on Your Beauty Contest ladies...lots of goodies up for grabs...all you have to do ladies is email Belinda Kelly ( with a quick answer to her question - what is your favourite beauty product to take on the road - could be sunscreen, lip balm whatever...and make sure you tell her the brand name! That's all it takes to win a gift basket full of goodies!

As always there is a lot of news in the feeds this morning - please check them out at where we sift through the news of the day so you don't have to.

Belt Drive Betty
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  1. I had a good friend who completed it this year and if I had the time and money, I'd LOVE LOVE to do it myself.