Clutch & Chrome Magazine in the US has a report today about a motorcycle that runs on human waste.
According to TOTO, Japan's number one toilet manufacturer, this toilet powered trike talks to you...

It plays music (I wonder if the song Beans, Beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot is the theme song?) And it also features residual light imagery to write messages in the air as it zooms by (Messages can only be seen at night)

This trike is leaving today on a 600 mile journey month-long journey from Kyushu to Tokyo, making stops along the way to show off their new innovation and to educate people on the various green initiatives that TOTO is undertaking.

The starting point is the TOTO Headquarters in Kitakyushu. It will then head to Nakatsu in Oita prefecture to pay homage to an ass-shaped boulder (do you think they might be having some fun with this?). 

From there the motorcycle will hitch a ride on a ferry to Hiroshima, then to Okayama and then to Kobe. After riding around Nara and Kyoto they will hit up Aichi, Shizuoka and then Tokyo.

I know many motorcycle manufactures, dealers and repair shops have said business is in the toilet but this sure takes that statement to a whole different level of understanding!

Now on to other news....

In Florida there are plans to open a nudist resort for a nudist motorcycle club, the Bare Buns Bikers...

In Ontario, the Northumberland toy run is set to go

There is a TON of stuff in the news feeds today that just might affect your life, hope you will check them out at

Today is paper day...many of you will have gotten you provincial newsletter and national newspaper today - hope you enjoy it and decide to get on the sharing bandwagon!

Have a tootin' good day folks and if you are riding today, please ride carefully and try to keep images of a talking toilet trike out of your head...

Belt Drive Betty

Editor & Rider

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