There are challenging issues for riders to look at - there always will be I guess, seems to be the nature of our lifestyle. My heart broke for the widow of a Bracknell England biker.

You see her husband and the father of their three children was killed by a driver who made a right hand turn (the equivalent of a left hand turn here). Although the driver of the Mercedes was charged and convicted with careless driving causing death, all he got was a suspended sentence, 15 months prohibition from driving and 150 hours of community service. The widow, Nicola Hazel, is furious. Her three daughters have to grow up without a dad and she is asking the same question that Shirley Plourde's family in Nova Scotia is asking - is that all a human life is worth? (The driver who killed Shirley got a $160 fine)

And I quote: After sentencing, Nicola, who has three children with Steve, said: “As a family we feel disgusted and outraged that Mr Donne has escaped a prison sentence and only received a 15-month disqualification from driving and 150 hours’ community service.

“Is that all a man’s life is worth?

“As for the 36-week suspended sentence, I see that as nothing.

“We feel a custodial sentence and at the very least a three to four-year driving ban would have acknowledged Nicholas Donne’s complete lack of humanity and remorse, both immediately at the scene of the accident and for the past 15 months of hell he has put us through.

“In court he lied under oath to try and blame a dead man for his own actions – a man who he knew was no longer here to defend himself.” End Quote

So you see folks, these injustices do not just happen here in Canada or in the US - they happen all over the world, it's sad but true that it appears that we riders, our lives and our families are not considered very valuable in the courts eyes - the laws do not really express justice. Civil court is the only place this gal will get any compensation to raise three daughters, I find that so hard to swallow. It appears to me that the "Justice" system is not just broken here, but everywhere. We are not isolated in these occurrences.

I wonder if there are any solutions out there? Is there anything we as riders could do to turn the tides, see some changes happen... What would happen if 600,000 voices united for this one cause? If we all wrote our MLA's, our MP's...They might not listen to one person, but 600,000, I think there is a good chance they'd listen then... I wonder what we could, how much positive change could we effect if we all decided to take ten minutes...

What say you? Join the discussion here or on Facebook, Twitter or our web site! I'd love to hear from you.

I feel frustrated sometimes that there are so many challenging and sometimes painful things that we need to discuss and work through, so I find it refreshing when there are really good and positive things to balance it out with and today we have a few great things to share!

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In other news:

Polaris has bought a minority stake in Brammo Inc - the Electric Motorcycle Company.

An American Barber goes on a Spirit Ride every's truly a wonderful story about giving and paying it forward that I encourage you to read!

Michigan is one step closer to a new helmet law

1894 Roper Motorcycle is expected to set a world record for its selling price when it goes to auction in January - there is only one other known Roper and it is on display at the Smithsonian!

H-D Shares are up on unconfirmed talk that Harley-Davidson might be the subject of a leveraged buyout

I wish you a wondrous day...
Until tomorrow,

Belt Drive Betty
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