Last week was a busy week so I have been off the grid for a while.

I took in the Midnight Sun Run in Yellowknife NWT and what a hoot that was - however, you are going to have to wait until Thursday's Busted Knuckle Chronicles to find out all about how much fun we had!  I left on Tuesday, rode to High Level and on Wednesday made it in to Yellowknife a couple of hours before the run. I took in Aboriginal day on Thursday and rode home - 725 miles/1167 KM - straight through making it home early Saturday morning!

The photo below shows you what 1450 miles/2300+ KM's worth of bugs looks like. Poor Black Betty never got a bath the whole time I was gone as I was too busy!
My friend Mayzel, who has been helping me out part time had to spend about 4 hours giving her a bath!

Today I am getting Black Betty packed up to head to Edmonton and the Advanced Rider Training course offered by the Alberta Safety Council. George Billings is going to put myself and other students through the paces and I am excited and nervous.

I will be video taping my blunders and what I learn along with doing a write up for the Busted Knuckle. I know that as a rider I am an OK one but I want to be a good one and so you will get the chance to laugh at the mistakes I make on that learning curve!

The course runs tonight and tomorrow night:
Alberta Safety Council
4831 - 93 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B 3A2

Facility: ASC Main Site Boardroom
Run Dates: 25-Jun-2012 to 26-Jun-2012
Mon 6:00pm 9:30pm
Tue 6:00pm 9:30pm

There were also crashes this weekend that killed riders in  Mississauga, Toronto and Uxbridge. It's been a rough weekend on our community and I hope you will take a moment to lift up some prayers for all who are affected by these wrecks.

Over the weekend we saw a ton of events go off including the Bob Probert Memorial which had over 1,000 bikes attend.

In Manufacturer news, Triumph is getting into the Touring class of bikes with it's all new Trophy.

In Law & Politics, a former member of the Rock Machine is in jail for 6 years after a sting operation

In the US, Boulder city businesses say the Mongols made for bad business as sales were less than a normal weekend, apparently many decided to stay home or go out of town at the thought of the potential for violence/chaos.

There are many other articles in the news that may affect your day and life as a rider, check it out at where our work is keeping you informed.

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and through emails.

Have a great Monday,

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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