Somewhere between 100 and 400 sport bikes, depending on the report you read, shut down Highway 10 in the LA area so that a rider could propose to his girlfriend.

The police are calling it a stupid stunt, others are calling it an epic proposal.

In the Your Tube video of the proposal you can see riders doing wheelies and riding in all lanes of the freeway.  They didn't shut traffic down for long, but long enough that charges are pending.

Watch the video and then share your thoughts with me....

I wonder if the cops are upset because they didn't realize what was going down?

In other crazy news, check out this motorcycle, a jet turbine powered motorcycle by MTT called Y2K

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I don't feel the need to share any funnies today - the news has enough bat shit crazy stuff in it!

Have a fabulous hump day everyone...

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor &; Rider

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  1. Epic. What a great way to propose.

  2. Bonecutter2:46 PM

    Good for them! Well organized and executed, and all in a great cause. Beautiful.

  3. Amazing! The romantic in me loves it! And the California driver in me would have been bitching up a storm. But I think it's really amazingly cool. And I'm super glad no one was hurt.