Tonight I sit here dumbfounded. Stunned, feeling empty and hollow.

Three generations of a family gone in the space of two months. Three people we have cared about, shared our lives with, three people who not only wrote for our humble little newspaper, but became a part of our extended family.

The grief I feel is enormous, like a giant weight crushing my chest. I can't stop crying, thinking, remembering.

On January 14th, our columnist William Perry lost his lengthy battle with cancer.
His daughter Lisa died of bowel cancer on March 17th after having been diagnosed only a few weeks prior and tonight his grand daughter Kaylee was killed when she lost control of the Ducati Monster she was riding.

Distraught after the recent passing of her aunt Lisa and still reeling from the death of her grandpa, Kaylee went for a ride. It began lightly snowing, she swerved to avoid some people walking down the lane/street and crashed.  She was just two weeks shy of her 18th birthday.

If I had to name only one thing that I admired about them all  - it was their sense that life was an adventure meant to be well lived. Outgoing, strong willed, opinionated, loving, crazy, quirky, thee are a million adjectives a person could use to describe the Perry's who are no longer with us.

My prayers are being lifted tonight for Beth, Kaylee's mom, her little brother, Ashton and sister Susie, her aunt Kathryn, aunt Marion,  Melek, Adelle and all of the Perry clan.

Three beautiful bright lights have gone out in the space of 10 weeks.

I ask you to join me in a prayer for the Perry family. They are going to need all of the love and strength we can offer them.

May God lift you up in this time of sorrow and wrap you in his arms.
I am so deeply, profoundly sorry for your loss.



Belt Drive Betty
Editor  & Rider

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  1. mourns the loss of this family. We have all lost a great asset to the motorcycle community. May the Lord bless the survivors and keep them in His arms.

  2. Anonymous11:16 PM

    This is such terrible news. My prayers too, will be lifted and I will ask God to carry the family and you through this horrible time Betty. May God bless you all with his peace.

    Robert E. Simmons

  3. So very sorry for all of this loss. Sending prayers for you too.


  4. BD Betty:

    I am also saddened by these circumstances . . .

    I am at a loss for words but sincere condolences to their families

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    The loss of a loved one is never a thing to be taken lightly by those of us in the fray, but if there were anything positive to dwell on at all, it would be that Bill didn't have to endure the loss of his daughter or grand daughter, having gone before them. No parent or grandparent should be predeceased by their loved ones. My heartfelt prayers go to GOD for those left behind.

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Sad loss ... They will all be missed