I am just back from Ireland and the tour that Stephanie and I took with Celtic Rider Motorcycle Tours.

We had a most amazing time and I am looking so very forward to sharing all about the trip beginning in December. It will take me that long to finish all of the articles from the Conga and to get caught up with editing for our TV Series, Ride Like a Local on Eastlink TV.  (Choose Alberta, Grande Prairie and then Ride Like a Local to learn more)

I am proud to announce that Kimpex has come on board as the major sponsor of our 2014 "Beat the PMS Blues" Online Show 'n' Shine. They have some incredible prizes up for grabs!

Watch for the information on entering your bike beginning in December as well!

I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the news in the motorcycle community.

I have been disconnected for the last two weeks and so it came as quite the shock to me to hear the Aprilia is cutting production for October and putting 360 workers on unpaid leave.
According to the article in Motorcycle dot Com poor sales and a slow Italian economy are to blame.

It would seem that the One Per Center World is exploding with all kinds of fiendish news:

The US Mongols have patched over the Finks in Australia

And it seems that US Law makers just can't work together.
Federal prosecutors have taken over a case from the Essex County Prosecutors in Boston after refusing to turn over FBI reports. According to the article in the Boston Globe -

Begin Quote "It is not unusual for federal prosecutors to take over a state prosecution and move a case to the US court system, where penalties for violent crimes could be much more severe.

But the decision to shift prosecution of the case to the federal government now under apparently contentious circumstances surprised legal observers because of the time already spent at the state level and because of the dispute over the sharing of evidence." End Quote

In Health and Technology news, Simpson has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market a helmet removal system called "Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System".  Simpson has long been a leader in safety equipment for a variety of motorsports. According to the article from PR Newswire:

Begin Quote "The light weight Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System can be easily installed into motorcycle and auto racing helmets without changing the fit or feel of the helmet. The system is capable of preventing further neck and spine injuries to a crash victim by providing first responders with a safe method for helmet removal that does not cause unwanted movement to the victim's neck or spine. End Quote

There are a ton of other interesting items in the news feeds over at Belt Drive Betty dot Com.

We are undergoing a huge overhaul on our web site.  

We recently upgraded our content management system and have been battling with components that are not working properly with the new system.  Just before I left for Ireland, we had a brand new template created and are now remapping everything to the new menus.

It's a slow and painful process - but one we must undertake in order that the web site serves you your information in a way that works well.

So - I am asking for two things from you:
One - your patience as we muddle through every page and every menu to make sure everything is working well.

Two - if you see anything on our site that is not working right, is not user friendly - PLEASE drop us a line at so that our web team can work the issues into their work flow and get our site smokin' again.

We are working hard to rectify the challenges and in the meantime, I will do my best to blog every day to help you find the news and information you need.

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I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends through Facebook and by email....
I need a laugh today! How about you?

Have a great day and if you are lucky enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor  Rider

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