I used to fantasize about going Down Under on a motorcycle vacation.
Australia and most specifically Queensland, are on the bottom of my bucket list nowadays.
I'd still love to experience the country, but the more I look into the policing situation there, the more I know it will be many years, if ever, that I go there.

In following this situation and researching all kinds of video, it appears to me that this country really needs a charter of freedoms and rights and that the police services in Australia have a real problem.  They are not only harassing motorcyclists. Just go to YouTube and do a search - you'll find stuff there that will curl your hair. (Assuming you have any to curl)

Watch the video below and then tell me how you would feel about the number of police officers who stopped this guy.  His plate and information taken down by two officers - separately. 

If I was a rider living in Australia and I had been stopped as many times as he has for nothing, I'd be moving.  Sure makes me want to go to Australia - NOT!

What are your thoughts on this video?
Riders stopped for being in a funeral cortege - and they called in before hand.

Veterans Clubhouse is Raided:

A recreational rider explains the situation over having to call in when you go for a ride:

Recreational riders being harrassed:

Queensland Australia and all of Australia for that matter - now officially on the bottom of this rider's bucket list - how about yours?

Would you ride in Australia?

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. This is madness!

  2. I'm a recreational rider who lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia and thankfully not Queensland. The new VLAD laws are really anti association laws which have been sold by the media as anti bikie laws. Bikie gangs here have a really bad reputation due to the media so its no great surprise that most people are infavour of the anti bikie laws. Unfortunately 99% of those people have no idea what the laws are actually capable of. Under those same laws the government could suddenly use these laws to stop anyone group from gathering in numbers more than 3. So if one day they decided that the catholic church or Muslims were now an criminal organisation because they had committed crimes then they could quite easily be outlawed.

    These laws have taken us back to the 1940's Nazi germany style.

    With any luck these clowns will be voted out at the next election and order restored.

    I'm not planning on any rides in Queensland anytime soon and if I did there's no way in hell I'd be ringing the cops to tell em where I'm going and what I'm doing.

    This is utter madness and a knee jerk reaction. There are already laws in place to deal with criminals. If they can't fine the criminal elements under those laws then I suggest the police learn how to do there jobs instead of standing in the bushes with their speed guns booking people for doing 5km over the limit. Thats not policing thats revenue raising.

    Please don't tar all of Australia with the same brush - they are a bit simple in Queensland.