Lisa Brouwer of Sioux Falls South Dakota shared with me her story recently.

It is another story of a career banker who gave up corporate America and the illusion of security to do something that filled her soul while making a living. She wanted to truly enjoy her job and feel that she was giving back, contributing something worth while in the world.

Lisa was what she called a "Guilty Mom".  Having her first child at 30, she was in the pinnacle of her career with awards and rewards. BUT - She felt guilty about the time she was away from her kids, working, always working.

She realized that she was chasing the wrong success and she recognized how her life had shifted after she had kids. But she had missed the shift and that caused the guilty feelings.

Lisa told me the story of her college professor who had inspired her to be a public speaker.

She had stuffed that inspiration to the back of her mind, and many years later, she had a dream about that conversation and it reawaken in her, the dream of being a public speaker.

Lisa is a gal who, to use her own words, does not want to live a life of regret and so, she ditched a 21 year career and took courses and became a John Maxwell coach, a writer and a motorcycle safety trainer.

She spoke of the fear and the courage it took to leave the security of a career where she had attained a certain level of success, where people knew and respected her.

But, she is so happy that she did and she has NO REGRETS.

She knew she had to shift her ideas about what success was and attributes some of the mental strength and courage that it took to step out of her comfort zone to being a rider!

She expressed that getting on a motorcycle is one way that you can prove to yourself that, "Yes I can do this".

Among the many courses and coaching sessions she offers, the motivational speaking and coaching seminars she runs for women who ride, offer women an insight on how to take the lessons of inner courage and strength that riding offers and use it in their lives as mothers, care givers, wives, friends, employees and bosses.

"That courage, that strength translates into every aspect of your lives if you allow it to," says Lisa.
"Sharpening our skills, growing, learning, these are things that are critical to all of our lives, and motorcycling is no different from being a mom or a business owner in that regard!"

Lisa wants to encourage other women to embrace their dreams, fill their souls, fuel their lives.

She also talks about learning how to take stock, taking a pause and learning how to really listen to what your soul is trying to tell you.

"Don't stuff them, (your dreams) away in some dark recess of your mind.

Bring them out into the daylight, examine them and if the pull is still there, do something about it. Growth; the attainment of knowledge, skill, is a life long journey," says Lisa, "your either busy living or your busy dying."

Lisa Brouwer is a woman with a message!

Through her training as a John Maxwell coach, Lisa is sharing the message of empowerment and Full Throttle Living.

I deeply enjoyed getting to know Lisa on a more personal level.
She is; dynamic, open, approachable and genuine!

My interview with Liz Jansen of Ontario Canada is next, and I look forward to sharing her story with you!

Have a great day and please, if you are blessed to live where you can be riding today, remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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