For those from Vancouver Island, the Cumberland area in particular, Jean Cameron is an icon, a pillar of their community.

This hard working barber/hairdresser was the brawn behind the 7 year old Cumberland Motorcycle Round-Up.

Cameron had cancelled the event for 2016 due to issues with the local police force and now finds herself in the most bizarre of situations.

You see, last week, a mountie on bicycle patrol took down a 14 year old who was riding without a helmet and on the sidewalk. From what I have learned talking to the locals there, this young person had just gotten his bike out of the bicycle repair shop. Apparently the 14 year old would not give the officer who tried to stop him his name and he was rude. That's when the officer decided to take him down.

Watch the video here: 

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Instead of following the young man home when he refused to stop or answer the officer in a civil manner, this officer decided to tackle the young man who, remember, was helmetless, risking this young man hitting his head on the pavement. 

It is unclear as to why the officer chose this type of take down, instead of, as I said, just following the young man home OR going to the repair shop to find out who he was and addressing the 14 year old's parents.

The 29 year veteran of the RCMP involved in this take down is a corporal, which has me questioning what his conduct record looks like that after 29 years in the force he's still a constable. But that's just me - I question everything.  

Now back to the situation at hand...Jean was called out of her salon by a bystander telling her that a child was being beaten by a man. Jean came outside and saw a man in a neon vest with a choke hold on this young man as is evidenced in the video below.

By all accounts, from the bystanders who have spoken out, they say the officer went too far.

He was dealing with a minor, who although he is 14, is small for his age and looks more like 12 or so I am told and Cumberland is after all a very small town of only 3,400 people.

Ms. Cameron has been handed an order to appear in court and a judge will decide if she should be charged for obstruction of justice/interfering with a police officer.

I spoke briefly with Ms. Cameron who was reluctant to talk about the issue for fear of further reprisal. All she could tell me was that this man had this slight youngster, in a choke hold when she came out of her salon. She felt that the child was scared and that is why he was struggling against the officer.  Jean tried to calm him down so the officer wouldn't hurt him anymore and she admits that her language was at times colourful as she berated the man for taking down a minor in this fashion.

I have met Jean Cameron a few times and I have seen how the kids in this community look up to her and turn to her for advice and guidance, she really is the aunty to every kid in the community.

Based on the video, the comments from most locals and what I know of Jean I would say she felt she was doing what was right, protecting a child in her community.  The police see it differently.

I have called the RCMP, but as of this moment, the official statement that is in the video is all they are offering.

Jean can not afford the legal fees and so the folks in the village of Cumberland have started a defence fund for Jean.

If Jean is charged, she will need a lot of financial support. 
If she is not charged, any funds raised in excess of the legal bill will be donated to YANA for sick kids.

If you can afford to help Jean fight what is viewed as an injustice please send your donations to:
1st Credit Union 
Box 138, 
Cumberland BC  V0R 1S0 

The cheque should be made out to Cresslyn FAY & Terry Morrison and in the memo, Jean Cameron Defence Fund

OR you can donate by Electronic Mail Transfer to: That's cumberlandhotel ONE TWO THREE @

Perhaps body cameras should become part of an officers uniform?

If you are blessed enough to be where you can ride today, PLEASE remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and please consider dressing for the slide and not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Tough guy .... I would have been arrested for assaulting a idiot ..