As many of you have noticed, I have not been blogging as much as I normally do.

There are a number of reasons for that.  I have been dealing with a number of very time consuming and draining issues and late yesterday I got news that the most draining of them all has finally concluded.

On December 22nd of 2013, I along with 6 others were slapped with lawsuit papers by Ray Sasseville, Joan Hansen and Sturgis North.

Bernie Aubin, Steven Hammer, Vince Lewis, the Sicamous Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Sicamous and the City of Sicamous and myself found ourselves embroiled in a nuisance, shot gun lawsuit where in among other things, libel and slander were the predominant complaint.  It did not take very long for the City and Mayor of Sicamous to have the case against them dropped.  A few months later, the case against Bernie, Steve, Vince and the Chamber was dropped, leaving me the only one left to fight the case.

Over the course of the last two years I have seen the lawyer for Sturgis North et al be suspended, not once but twice. I attended the BC Securities hearing against Ray, his wife Edith and his accountant, Norm Keller. The result of that hearing was just recently announced.  Ray Sasseville was banned from trading for 5 years and fined $10,000, his wife was banned for 1 year and fined $5,000 and Norm Keller, their accountant was banned for 1 year and fined $5,000.  Click here to read more about the bans and fines.

Ray attempted to settle with me a month before his failed Merritt event by offering me passes and some cash to promote his event, he said that if I agreed, he'd drop the case.  In all good conscience, I could not and from that point forward all communications ceased.

My attorney, Rodney Chorneyko hit wall after wall attempting to move this case forward toward resolution.  In September of 2015, we finally got in front of a "judge" however, while the "judge" agreed the case could be quashed for want of prosecution, she did not like the way my lawyer had served Joan Hansen.  You see when Gerhard Pyper, their attorney was suspended, Ray filed to become self representing, Joan however, did not.

So, because Mr. Pyper was suspended a second time, Joan's file was in the hands of the BC Law Society.  It took several attempts to finally have Joan file as self representing, but the minute we were notified that it was done, Rodney served them all again and the culmination of that effort took place yesterday.

A consent dismiss order was signed and the lawsuit is now ended. I will not be getting any of my costs back, but then, even if I did get an order for costs, Ray's home is in foreclosure, he and his wife have $15,000 in fines to pay BC Securities and Mike Smith who has a judgement against Ray for $70,000 has, as of the best of my knowledge, not been able to collect on it. It is also my understanding that Ray paid $40K to the plaintiff in the Arizona Court case to end that lawsuit back in October/November of 2015.

Knowing all of these things about his financial standing I agreed to not go after costs, after all, the likelihood of collecting appears to be slim to none and any attempt to collect would be met with more costs.

FINALLY this lawsuit is over.

It's been a tough road to walk, but now I feel somewhat vindicated.

I don't feel victorious though,  I am not gloating or shouting with glee. I should feel like celebrating, but all I can think about are all of the people that to this date, have gotten none of the promised compensation over three failed motorcycle/music fests.

I do feel good though after all I have done my level best to educate people so that they could make sound decisions. I have been condemned and criticized by some and praised and hailed by others for my attempts to stand strong and support the truth and this community.

To those who felt I deserved to be sued because you feel I am too outspoken, too passionate, too opinionated; I say thank you. You have been the best teachers I could have asked for.

To those who supported me, some financially, I say thank you, for you shored up my resolve when I felt weak or guilty over what the stress was doing to my husband.

To those who still hold the bag financially over their dealing with Sturgis North I pray you overcome.

My only regret about the outcome of this case is that we never actually went to court.  I truly wanted my day. I wanted to be able to make public all of the copious documents and email conversations from those whose businesses and lives were adversely affected by their dealings with the Sturgis North event management.

I wanted to hear a judge say that I was within my rights to put together the information I did, that I did it properly and well, and that by offering Ray the opportunity to speak though he chose not to, I had ensured the integrity of the body of evidence I had pulled together.

I am happy to have this case over. I am happy to see the relief in the eyes of my husband. I am happy that I don't need the services of Rodney Chorneyko anymore but I am grateful to Steve Hammer for introducing him to me as Rodney has been relentless in getting this case closed.

I am grateful for so very much this morning.

Now I have one favour to ask all of you who ride.

Our 9th Annual Beat the PMS Blues entry has been extended because my Doctor, Dr. Feelgood says that I am not getting the massive dose of motorcycle photos that I need to deal with my PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.)  He says the number of entries we has so far is barley going to sustain me.

There are some MAGNIFICENT prizes to be won - a Drift Ghost S Camera from the Sports Camera Store, Swag from Nashville Bike Week, a set of Love-Jugs to keep your hot motorcycle cool, books from Chris Holesheck and survival gear from Prospector Central - that collapsable cooler/stool is a rally survival must have!

So please folks, enter your bike in our online show n shine and help me get through the PMS Blues - I want to smile again, I need to smile again and seeing all of your wonderful motorcycles will make that happen - I know they will! Click on the banner below to go to the show n shine page....

Have a great day everyone and if you are blessed enough to be riding today because of the climate you live in or are holidaying in - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. (And think of we Canucks and those who live in cold snowy climates and BE GRATEFUL you can ride.)

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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  1. Glad it's over. Sad justice wasn't done. Am going to troll all my friends to get you a mega-dose of chrome and steel.

  2. I bet you feel light as a feather with all that stress gone now. I am proud to know you BDB and EXTREMELY happy for you and hubby that this is finally over.