Dear rally participants, it is with a very heavy heart that HOG Canada has decided to cancel our rally. 
I am beyond despair. 
Barnes right now is working out a plan of some kind to have a fund raising event at the shop for the evacuees and the riders that are committed already to attend. Stay tuned for more information.
Good morning,
Thank you all for taking the time to be a part of the phone call yesterday afternoon to discuss the H.O.G.® Western Regional Rally. Your comments and feedback were very much appreciated and were all very much taken into consideration when making this decision.
Regretfully, due to the tragic fires currently blazing in British Columbia, Harley-Davidson Canada is cancelling the H.O.G. Western Regional Rally scheduled to take place in Kamloops, B.C. this weekend (July 13 – 15).
Although the fires are presently located a fair distance from Kamloops, the air quality rating in Kamloops is very poor, and therefore dangerous for many people. There is also significant risk posed to those traveling from outside of the region due to the volatility of wildfire and poor air quality throughout the greater region.
To Barnes Harley-Davidson Kamloops, the Rally Coordinator Margaret and to the entire Rally Committee, please know that this decision was not an easy one to make. The extensive time and effort you have contributed to the rally planning and promotion are widely acknowledged and although not to take place this weekend, we certainly hope that there is an opportunity to postpone the rally until after the fires have ceased.
Harley-Davidson has a responsibility to protect our customers and we take the safety and security of each and every one very seriously.
Noting that some riders are already enroute to Kamloops, we would like to suggest that in place of rally events as planned, a fundraiser be organized instead, to take place on what would have been the opening ceremony night. Hopefully this will mean that dollars invested for that particular function can instead be used to support those affected by the fires and that riders whom have chosen to travel to Kamloops, can at least be received and provided an opportunity to support. Harley-Davidson Canada will continue to work closely with the Rally Committee to support further plans as necessary – both with planning and financial resources. Funds raised by H.O.G. members on this evening will be matched by Harley-Davidson Canada.
Barnes Harley-Davidson has generously offered to cover the cost of the catering and band if those services are unable to be cancelled and will utilize those elements to host an open-door community fundraiser, with all donations going to the Red Cross.
Although it is very unfortunate that the Rally will be postponed, we hope that this will serve to keep our H.O.G. members as safe as possible and that for those who do make the choice to travel to Kamloops, that much charity and support for the communities of B.C. will be generated as a result of the fundraisers.
Thank you for utilizing all communication channels to inform rally registrants as immediately as possible.
We will provide a further update on registration reimbursement, cancellation communications, etc. as quickly as possible this morning.
Karen Mayberry

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