Presenting Sponsor Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest's a big word, what does it mean to you?

I have been working diligently along with my web mistress, our sales gal and our two admin assistants to promote and spread the word about Canada's MOST Rider Friendly Community Contest. All of us are riders, just FYI!

We have 140+ communities that have been nominated this year, which meant tons of creative to build, videos, promotional memes and the like. We still have tons of phone calls to make to the various community futures offices and to share news of the contest to all of the riding clubs and charities we support.

WHAT A TASK!!! But we are loving it. Why?

Because this contest celebrates OUR COMMUNITY.

If I am going to make my living, if the riders who work for this company as contractors are going to make their living from work in the community we live in, the rider community, then we need to always be giving back into our community and that's what this contest is all about.

COMMUNITY - GIVING BACK to all of the little businesses that support we riders, no matter where we live, for every poker run, rally and show 'n' shine we host for charity.

It's about giving back to every volunteer who has done something selfless, every event coordinator that busts their butts to give us great events to attend.

The reactions to the contest have been incredible and it is wonderful to see how many Community Futures Offices are now coming on board as sponsors as are small tourism offices.

Why is an economic development non profit involved? Simple, they help entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. They offer services to coach, teach and mentor small business people, they offer financing and they offer special supports for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities!

They know that the riding community is filled with small business owners and they know that small communities and their business owners need to take advantage of the custom that riders can bring to their area.

Simply put, Community Futures wants to help grow rural Canada.
Helping small businesses become more rider friendly, helping them with strategic planning, to take advantage of our needs and help them identify what are the right services for them to provide to us!

We have many incredible media sponsors on board as well:

Out of Washington State we have World of Motorcycling Podcasts with Steve Johann and Rev Walt.
Out of Colorado, we have Colorado Rider News.  From Oshawa Ontario we have Lou DeVuono from Kickstands Up on RealityRadio 101, Man Wants Digital Magazine out of Great Britain and in Northern BC and Alberta we have the Northern Horizon/Mirror Newspaper. EastLinkTv has donated the air time for us to promote the winning community and the runner up with commercials and for us to air what we film when Ride Like a Local comes to an event to film the volunteers, community leaders, attendees etc...Then there is all of my company, Belt Drive Betty Media.

Our newspaper, the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and all of its provincial news pages inside of Facebook, the TV Show Ride Like a Local, the Facebook online talk show, Rider Friendly Report, our events calendars our mother site, and all of it's Facebook pages, this blog and a the Rider Friendly Business Association and it's Facebook Pages and group.

In all, Belt Drive Betty Media alone gives out over $60,000 in free marketing to these communities, that does not include the work we do to get ready for the contest, the highway signs,  trophy, plaques etc....that's straight up the advertising prizes we give away.

Everything that our sponsors donate for space, save for EastLinkTV's air time, is a bonus to our communities.

Rural Canada, small communities under 100,000 in size, it's where we ride, where we as riders yearn to go to when on our motorcycles, this contest helps us to discover wonder places that other riders love...

Vote for your favourite community at


Have a blessed day and if you are lucky enough to nee riding, think of me, here in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada in -14 with three feet of snow still on the ground and thank your lucky stars you live where you can be riding.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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