A Fashion Revolution for the Lady Rider

Although I have not had a chance to interview the feisty Brit who started the Women Riders World Relay (, I can get a great sense of who Hayley Bell is by watching her videos and reading the words on the Relay website.

Hayley is like so many of us gals who ride. She’s tired of riding gear that would fit if you had no hips, no chest. She’s tired of being an afterthought in this market place. She’s strong, capable, passionate, caring, and wanting to exercise her inner strength and feel beautiful while doing it.

More and more, as lady riders take up motorcycling in record breaking numbers, small manufacturers, largely lady owned companies, are attempting to answer the growing call from lady riders to have gear that feels good, flatters them and protects them.

Women rider - entrepreneurs Debra Chin, Ginger Damon and Aliki Karayan are three such ladies; all attempting to get more flattering, more comfortable, more functional clothing and accessories out there for this growing market. Like you, they ride and they were so frustrated that they decided to make clothing and accessories that work for the women’s work day, her playtime and her relax time.

A lot of ladies commute, and having a functional bag that is also attractive is a rather important bit of gear for the working gal.

Along with the Lauren Bag that offers all kinds of smart pockets for gear, and can double as a backpack, Debra of MotoChic Gear ( offers stylish performance socks, small purses, tees etc., and she cross markets with Gigi Montrose (Ginger Damon) and VnM Sport (Aliki Karayan).

Ginger Damon of Gigi Montrose ( custom makes ladies riding jackets. She has two styles of denim jackets, the Fearless and Speed that are tailored and styled to flatter and yes, protect. With elements like a wax coating that makes the jackets water resistant, in a stretch denim fabric for comfort, the luxurious inner liner belies the fact that there is a full DuPont Kevlar lining throughout.

The French cuffs on Fearless and longer sleeves on Speed, longer back, backpocket for your cell phone and keys are all coupled with high quality zippers and buttons. The red signature stitching finishes the jackets off beautifully.

It feels good and I feel beautiful in it.

Last but not least is VnM Sport from Alili Karayan (
Performance clothing for racers that translate to the every day rider and are YES, MADE for the female shape!

These are technologically designed articles of clothing, created from fabrics that amplify cooling, dry quickly, and are designed to improve your movement and comfort.

Ladies riding around the world in the largest relay in the world (potentially), ladies, changing how the industry views our bodies, shapes and our spending power.

Ladies - women, girls, gals, sisters, mommas, we are changing the face of riding. We are the future of riding as more and more women are competing, participating, grabbing life by the handlebars.

As a woman who rides who has been part of the community since the late 70’s, I am gratified to see so many women proudly proclaiming their femininity, their humanity, their strength by climbing on a motorcycle.

So ladies, celebrate International Female Ride Day with all your heart and soul and remember, there are ladies out there trying to change the riding gear industry, who are working to change to perception of the industry - if we all support them in their efforts, imagine how fast things will change in our favour!

Ride Ladies Ride...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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